Cafeteria Tray Adventures

Someone I know – who shall remain nameless – works in the cafeteria here on campus, and with every cafeteria you have trays. Trays to put your plate on, drinks on, etc. But did you know that these cafeteria trays are also excellent for sledding on? As in…these suckers fly!

There is a lot of sledding around here. As you might suspect. But one of the coolest things about all aspects of sledding here is finding the latest, greatest thing you can sled on. The traditional options are great. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the saucer sled, but I most definitely love rolling on the cafeteria trays. The key is to have at least two, but optimally four trays: one under your butt, one under your feet, and one for each hand. This allows for the ability to feign some sort of slalom technique…which makes for a bunch of dudes, and snow chicks doing some absurdly stupid and goofy looking stuff on a large, snow-covered hill.

No. These trays are not stolen. Don’t you dare go there. They’re merely borrowed. We “pay” for their use, and I have never seen anything in regards to what they’re “not” to be used for…so if we’re told to stop, we’ll stop. In the meantime. It’s snowing right now, and today we’re gonna have some races.

Hey! Guess what I had for breakfast? Guess what I had for lunch? Guess what I’m going to have as dessert after a hearty, post-sledding dinner?

What can I say. Tuesdays are my Mondays.


Another Weekend Ride

Whole fam damily is hitting the slopes this weekend! Hahaha. Yeeeeeehawwww! I believe they refer to that as a rebel yell?

I think my parents must have had some kind of conversation about us doing more as a family. I think it’s because I’m getting close to be out of the house. I’m sure, given the economic forecast, I’ll be moving back in after my collegiate run. That’d be funnier if my parents read this blog. I’m not planning to move back in–I can always wash and detail cars in any U.S. city.

So. This weekend, we’re going to try some new place north of us, in the Flagstaff area. I’ve never been there, but my parents used to go there years ago. It’s under new ownership, and is apparently great for families. We don’t wanna iso the youngers, so there’s tubing and stuff. I’m hopeful that we have a really, really fun time there together, so maybe I can talk my parents into doing a Colorado trip before the end of the season. I’m aching to get over there for a visit and some snow action.

So. I can’t believe it has slipped my mind, but while I’m speaking of snowboarding, I found it funny that I had two matching zits develop this past week on my cheekbones. Have to be from my goggles last weekend. It’s hard to know you’re sweating when it’s freakin’ freezing out. But add to that the chappage factor, and I didn’t stand a chance. I can put my fingers on both zits, one on each cheek, and it’s right where my goggles really press to my face. I didn’t really think about the fact that I didn’t clean them before riding last weekend. That’s kind of gross. That’s blatantly ignoring my dermatologists advice about sporting equipment.

Would love to stay and chat, but there’s a quick car ride calling my name.

Weekend of Flying Zits

So. I’m filing this away under research…in the event I end up in Colorado. I really had a hankerin’ for doing some snowboarding recently, and my dad was saying that the sledding in Wisconsin really made him want to go skiing. So… We went north this weekend, he rented some gear and together we hit the slopes.

Didn’t know you could shred in Arizona, did you? Oh yeah.  A couple places north of us, and one legitimate place southeast. We went to the Arizona Snow Bowl, basically in Flagstaff… kinda between there and the Grand Canyon…the highest point in Arizona, some 11,000 feet. Not the slopes, but the top of the mountain there. I forgot how much I love riding. I haven’t been in like two years.

I think I was probably the zittiest dude on the slopes. Mostly I couldn’t tell because all the other dudes and chicks were covered from head to toe.

We spent all morning Saturday enjoying the snow, then came in and watched some NFL action, then went back out, then came back in and watched some more NFL action, then went back out and babied it in the lights. Got up early Sunday…same deal. I’m so freakin’ sore today, it’s not even funny. And tonight I get to go the BCS National Championship Game. Needless to say, my little early week funk from last week is a distant memory. Oh yeah. Manic, teenage angst. Sweeeeeeet.

My dad and I are actually thinking about heading up again next weekend. I think that my “employer” probably wants me in to care for a few automobiles, but I’ve been going in on nights after school, and I guess if they let me go, then they let me go…I just know that if my dad offers, then I’m going. We may take my little brother with us this time, and let the gals stay home and watch Lifetime, or whatever women do when they’re together. (That’s a joke. Don’t hate.)

I’m out. Happy Monday.

Sledding 2.0

Oh my gosh. Fair enough, they’re “you’re had to be there” moments… but man, are they awesome!

My cousin basically built a poor man’s version of a bobsled track. When all that snow nailed the northern states last week, and the week before, he went out and started molding track banks with curves and all kinds of stuff close to his place. He then took squirt bottles filled with hot water and started spraying down the surface, creating a flash melt, and then a freeze that made an ice surface.

The only catch to sliding this track is that you need some protective equipment. When you get bumped otherwise, it hurts. So, multiple layers of clothing, plus thick gloves and some knee pads did the trick.

We were trying to break speed records. One of our cousins plays baseball and has a radar gun. Our goal is to hit 40 mph before the end of the break. We haven’t broken 30 yet, and I gotta say, on a sled, it’s terrifying. I was mostly shocked that the girls were so into it. When we’d come up short of a top speed, they’d boo us, and then cheer loudly when we’d break our personal record. Then they’d hop in the sled and go putting down the track, all cute and stuff…

I don’t think I’ll ever get too old to enjoy this. My dad is actually gearing up to join us, since there was a little precip. that came through yesterday. He was hilarious when we went to the local sporting goods joint looking for knee pads. “I can’t hurt my knees, boy. What are the best ones?”

Once the sun has dropped, that’s when we hit it. It’s just more enjoyable. There’s nobody out, and you own the night. Yeah, that was dorky. Peace. I’m off!

Merry Christmas, btw. Happy Holidays to anyone that offends, but if it offends you, seriously, get over yourself.

I Almost Forgot…

My apologies… how could I forget about you all?

I didn’t forget…are you kidding me? Never! 30 years from now, hopefully zit free, I’ll look back at this fondly. I should probably print all these entries out as proof to my kids that I once had zits. Who knows if the system will still be in place by then. Who knows if I’ll have kids. Who knows if I can have kids? I might be sterile… and they might just wipe the Interwebs clean of all this crap. Could you imagine?

I’ve been particularly social as of late. Attending holiday gatherings with my parents, hanging out with my youth group from church, spending time with school friends and just enjoying the season. Anyone who tries to say that this isn’t one of the most enjoyable times of year – I think they’ve missed the point. Or gotten stressed out by some unnecessary shivy. Btw, shivy is my new word for sh*t, yeah? I’m trying to clean the mouth. I never really had a problem with cursing until I saw a video of me dropping a few bombs. I sounded like an F’n idiot! I decided it was time to reinvest in vocabulary.

My zits. I find them particularly festive this time of year. I was reading my old post, from Chicago O’Hare International, and I actually made myself laugh. I’m sure I’ll deal with a similar situation this year, except for the fact that we fly through Dallas. And that’s a big deal, because it’s not only a flight through Dallas, but on the way back, a stop in the area for a look at TCU in Fort Worth. Mom and the sibs will head on through, but I’m gonna check out the school with Dad. Not a lot will be going down, but I just want to get a lay of the land.

Was I just talking about my zits? My brain is elsewhere. Thinking of fireplaces, snow, sledding, Mags and those dang Choxie truffles.

Talk soon.



A YEAR in Review

Dudes. Dudettes. Guys. Gals. Chicos. Chicas. Homeys. Chix.

It has been a YEAR for F*** My Zits. Considering most new businesses or entities make it this far, I must say, HOW AWESOME ARE MY ZITS? Where have been, where will we go?

Last December: Introduction to my life, my way of living and what zits have done for me. I went sledding and met an awesome girl who became my long-distance girlfriend. She’s hot, and I’m so thrilled I’ll see her soon.

I got into arguments with teachers, popped zits, pulled public pranks, looked for new ways to treat zits and enjoyed a wonderful summer away from home…learning new ways to treat zits.

I rapped a little bit, ya know? Here’s another little taste of the flava.

Rollin’ for a year. Rollin’ for a year.
My zits rock the fly-by like they’re crusin’ in a Leer…

I got into a fight. I kicked some a$$. I gotta have the dollar signs, because that $h*t was MONEY!!!!

I’ve worked at multiple car lots. I’ve made some keep.

I fell in love, and haven’t acted like a doof about it.

I joined the football squad. Became a first year starter, and got to be part of school history.

In all of it… I rocked the zits with pride.


Remember when I went sledding? Remember that!? C’mon! Remember it!!!!!!!!! Oh the angst, oh, the battles with the mirror, oh, the high school drama.


Thanks for sticking with me. It has been a wild ride. Gonna do my best to make it even better in year two! I know I”ll be busier, I know the senioritis is going to kick in and I know that there will be many-an-adventure around the corner. I’m determined to get a job as a beer slinger for the Diamondbacks! No. No, I’m not determined.

But what I do know is that there was an odd band in the 80s and 90s called Timbuk 3, and they pretty much sum up how I feel blasting into December!


Back to my Quest vs. Zits

I think my sharing thoughts and feelings via blog helped a lot yesterday. I’m feeling much better today about everything. Really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Not going anywhere, but more looking forward to the fact that it represents the Christmas/Holiday season, and the day that I met Maggie last year. Crazy. Really…Crazy…

I’ve been digging into some college options. I got my ACT scores back. Did I mention that? I’m not going to divulge what the composite number is, but I’m very pleased, and it should help me score some education at a discount or for free. It’s hard work that’s paying off, and while I thought my parents were just annoying when they preached it to me earlier in my high school career, now I see that they may actually know what they’re talking about. They’ve just been completely useless when it comes to zits. But then. Who is useful? Scientists can’t figure out a cure for the stuff, so what am I to think?

I speak in jest.

OH. Since we’re on the topic of zits, as we so often are, I saw “127 Hours.” Went last night. I’ve been antsy without football practice, so I’ve been running and lifting after school, and then yesterday I decided to swing by the theater and check it out. Living where I do, we’re close to such terrain. You hear about this kind of stuff all the time, but not to this degree and not with such a phenomenal result. Just amazing. A beautiful film. Danny Boyle. That guy is captivating even if the script is lacking or whatever–which this one wasn’t. I was referencing “The Beach,” which I did enjoy, but the studio would let Boyle go Danny Boyle with it…so it strayed from the awesomeness of the book. Anyway, Danny Boyle has been all over the map. I think this was the perfect follow up to “Slumdog Millionaire.”

But zits. OK. As I watched this film, all I could think to myself is how awesome life is. That ultimately, we want to survive, even with the bad. And yeah, what “bad” do I have other than zits? Well, I could be miserable if I wanted to be. There are people who walk in similar brand shoes who are…I just don’t see life like that.