What a Weekend Part 1 (Friday)

Congrats to the Rangers and Cardinals. I haven’t really spoken much of baseball, though my little bro and I have had some wagers going. After Arizona was eliminated by the Brewers, he jumped on the Brewers bandwagon, and I happily took St. Louis in a little betcha. We don’t bet. We betcha. No money is exchanged, rather favors or little things like the last piece of pie or dessert on Thanksgiving. You vibe? So. That is an example of the way we threw down this time around, and I was the victor. I get first and last dibs on the pumpkin pie when it rolls out this Thanksgiving.

Anyway, Denver. You wanna know about Denver. What did we do? Well, we grabbed a cheap place to stay on the south side of town. Not far from Littleton. On Friday we met up for breakfast with the peeps from our caravan, then we went to a mall at Cherry Creek. We asked what we should do, and they suggested the Downtown Aquarium. So we did that. It was awesome. I have been to one other place like that in Long Beach, CA.

While at the aquarium, we asked someone else what we should do, or where they recommended to go eat. They suggested the Cork House. I think they thought we were older than we were. We went, and we were both totally bummed that we couldn’t partake in any of the wines. Neither of us drink, but this place made me want to try wine. Even without the ability to pop a cork, the food was incredible. I was so impressed. And the little place was a converted house. We caught a movie after that, then went back to the room.

Stay tuned for Part 2. I’m gonna have to divide this adventure up.


It’s College and I’m Learning!

Did you know: That Germany was willing to surrender much earlier, aka VE Day, than when the actual treaties were signed? Did you know that if they could have made an unconditional surrender to the United States, the European campaign would have technically ended sooner. But Russia, after the attempted invasion of the Nazis, refused to allow unconditional surrender to the United States, so the Germans thought they’d continue in the fight for awhile longer, wanting no Russian occupation in the German state. Crazy.

Did you know: The Japanese wanted to talk peace after the Battle of Midway in ’42? That after the bombing of Pearl Harbor they believed they had 16 months to get’r’done vs. USofA without a major setback. Midway was a monster setback. It was necessary to keep throwing down with Japan in order to really go to war with Germany. The U.S. sustained the war with Japan, desiring an unconditional surrender to the United States. Japan was basically kept in the war because of the threats against their beloved emperor, Hirohito. The U.S. did not want to lose the Pacific front to a nation they believed would eventually become an enemy in Russia. Stalin didn’t even attempt to occupy Manchuria until the U.S. had dropped the first A-bomb on Hiroshima.

For a zitty boy from Arizona, I find this stuff fascinating. These are merely tips of icebergs, as well. The inner workings of international relations is really quite fascinating. Everyone claims they want equality, but nobody wants equality. History has taught us repeatedly that when people get a lot, they want more. They always want more.

Just wanted to let you all know that this supplemental study from what I’ve been reading in class. It is true that history is written by the victor. In Russia, I still don’t think they teach that the U.S. had much to do with the defeat of Germany in WWII. Seriously.


It’s snowing. Mixed. Crazy weather. Love it!

Just a little bonus. I’m too excited to ignore it…!?

Exam Ace With Zits on His Face

Droppin’ answers.

Forget about it. Seriously. The two exams I took this week I smacked around like a cat with a cricket. I was the first one done in both my classes, and I love exam days because you get to bail from class early. These particular tests were in a history class and in a geography class. Studying a little bit everyday just makes the material stay fresh. So, I can set it aside for a few minutes and then dust it off again for finals.

I got a few annoyed looks as I stood up with 15 minutes left in the class period to turn in my test yesterday. One guy was sweating bullets, and just looked up like, “You bastard.” I’d be happy to study with him, but within the first few weeks of school, his attendance has been less than exemplary in the class. Hopefully it’s a wake up call. All the sudden I’m this guy’s dad?

I’m just jacked up on test awesomeness. The material isn’t difficult. Just don’t understand the mentality of some people in college. If you’re gonna screw around, then why not do it at a huge university where you can get the most bang for your buck! Stay in state. Save some money. Party hard. That’s my advice.

Or, you could take your education a little more seriously, study a little bit everyday, and pretty much do what you want when you want. What to do this weekend? Party? Yep. I think it’s time to head out and make a major purchase. Time to invest in a mountain bike. I know it’s getting late in the season. I’m gonna try to grab a used cycle that’s still in great shape, but about half the price.

My face is still looking good. When I say good, it means less zitty, but still zitty. I’m sure a mountain bike helmet is exactly what my zitty face needs.

I’m 18. Cool.

I didn’t tell you all it was my birthday, because I didn’t want you all worried about sending me gifts and presents and things like that. Do I feel differently as I did yesterday? Nah. Do I feel like I’m old enough to go and die for my country? Nah, not really. Personally I think the people who vote to go to war should have to actually GO to war, but that’s just me.

We’re havin’ a little shindig at my place tonight, my parents are hosting the gathering, but then they’re gonna bolt with the youngers, see a movie and stay at a motel. How cool are they? Seriously? Since they’re not drinkers, I don’t have to worry about anyone jackin’ the booze, and if anyone tries to bring any I’ll know it…so, they trust me. Now. In regards to burning the place down, I can’t promise that I don’t love playing with fire. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I wish Maggie was able to make it over, but I don’t think that’s in the stars this time around…

Have I done a birthday post before? Did I have a fake birthday when I was all paranoid about someone figuring out who I was with this blog? I was seriously paranoid when I first started writing, so I might have falsified a few things. Then I figured the zits were the dead giveaway, and then adding extra-curricular activities, so I just said screw it, and decided to open the book. Anyway, I don’t think I did, but legitimately, you can mark your calendars. January 28. And I love that it hit on a Friday. Lucky boy.

If I’m completely honest, I really hoped that my zits would be lesser by now, but what can I say? They’re certainly not at their peak, but I’m hardly looking newborn smooth. Don’t suppose I’ll ever enjoy that again…That’s kind of depressing. Then again, I guess your skin takes a serious beating through the years, so I’m just happy to have mine!

I’m out. I’m dreaming of cupcakes, cupcakes and cupcakes…

A YEAR in Review

Dudes. Dudettes. Guys. Gals. Chicos. Chicas. Homeys. Chix.

It has been a YEAR for F*** My Zits. Considering most new businesses or entities make it this far, I must say, HOW AWESOME ARE MY ZITS? Where have been, where will we go?

Last December: Introduction to my life, my way of living and what zits have done for me. I went sledding and met an awesome girl who became my long-distance girlfriend. She’s hot, and I’m so thrilled I’ll see her soon.

I got into arguments with teachers, popped zits, pulled public pranks, looked for new ways to treat zits and enjoyed a wonderful summer away from home…learning new ways to treat zits.

I rapped a little bit, ya know? Here’s another little taste of the flava.

Rollin’ for a year. Rollin’ for a year.
My zits rock the fly-by like they’re crusin’ in a Leer…

I got into a fight. I kicked some a$$. I gotta have the dollar signs, because that $h*t was MONEY!!!!

I’ve worked at multiple car lots. I’ve made some keep.

I fell in love, and haven’t acted like a doof about it.

I joined the football squad. Became a first year starter, and got to be part of school history.

In all of it… I rocked the zits with pride.


Remember when I went sledding? Remember that!? C’mon! Remember it!!!!!!!!! Oh the angst, oh, the battles with the mirror, oh, the high school drama.


Thanks for sticking with me. It has been a wild ride. Gonna do my best to make it even better in year two! I know I”ll be busier, I know the senioritis is going to kick in and I know that there will be many-an-adventure around the corner. I’m determined to get a job as a beer slinger for the Diamondbacks! No. No, I’m not determined.

But what I do know is that there was an odd band in the 80s and 90s called Timbuk 3, and they pretty much sum up how I feel blasting into December!


The Home Stretch

So. This is my first, and in all probability, last competitive football season. We’re squared off against two remaining opponents… our win last week was the beginning of how our playoff system works. Well, basically it was the first game that really mattered.

We’ve won all of these games, and now we really can’t afford to lose one. If we were to lose tomorrow or the next week, we’d basically need a lot of help to play on. Ask me if I’m concerned about the outcome of the next two games, and the answer is no. The weather is starting to swing in our favor, and we’ve been going at it like maniacs in practice this week. Today will be a nice and focused afternoon, and then a good night’s rest. We’ve already finished the season better than the team has in over a decade. And no team has ever gone undefeated for the 10 scheduled games – but right now, it’s all about tomorrow.

How are my zits you ask? They’re doing well. I think Derek Anderson the zit, got the clue that he wasn’t welcome on my face, and he has shown no signs of coming back into my personal field of play. What else?

Oh. We got to see this documentary today called Dive! It was great because the thing was only about 45 minutes long, so we were able to see the whole thing in class. It was funny and quite disturbing. This guy in L.A. did an investigative “dive” into food waste in America, and it’s truly staggering how much excess we have in this country. Like…totally embarrassing. So, what he did was decide to live off the “waste” or the food that is thrown out. Perfectly packaged, maybe cans are dinged up, or meat will expire in a day or something… but it was crazy. He was pulling gourmet food from the dumpster that these places were just throwing away. They won’t donate it to homeless shelters, they dump it and write it off as a loss.

Don’t tell on me, but I think I’m going to head out to my car and take a little snooze before school’s out. I’ve got nothing to study for, nor any homework to focus on, so… I’ll catch a few Zzzzz’s…