Shot by an Air Soft Rifle

I look like I’ve been hammered by an airsoft rifle. My face is struggling. I’ve had pretty bad bouts with acne before, but it has never been as stubborn as a whole, as it has this week. I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe the change in environments over the past couple of weeks. Arizona to altitude, dry air and all that stuff. I was reading about seasonal acne, and I wish I could say that I suffer from that, but mine is around pretty much all year. It gets like this…just wears me out.

I’ve gotta work tonight, and I really don’t care to be in the public eye when my face is looking like I’ve been pelted at close range with air soft BBs. Just not a fan. I can wear a hat at work, and at least it’s dark in there, but I don’t like wearing a hat. That just makes everything worse, and it hurts my head by the end of the night.

Self admittedly, I haven’t been taking very good care of my face lately, either. That’s just kind of the way it goes sometimes. A lot to juggle, considering the past week. And the Cardinals are starting to play some good football, so I think I’m a little annoyed with them, too. Seriously, they couldn’t figure some of this nonsense out earlier this season? They could be in legitimate playoff contention! Technically they’re not out of it…oh geez, listen to me…I sound like a desperate, cigarette weathered and withered slot jockey in Las Vegas…not out of it. Next thing you know, I’ll be saying that they can take San Francisco at home this weekend and pull to within one game of .500.

This post is ending now. Before I lay the foundation for another zitty bombardment.


What are the Worst Zits?

I’ve never really done a breakdown of the worst zits imaginable. Well, not imaginable, but which zits would suck the most. Let’s break it down.

Chin Acne – Chin acne sucks. What makes it so bad? Well, if you’re a football player, you know why it sucks. It’s also an eye sore, and man, it’s out there. No real hiding a monster juicer on the chin. If you put a band-aid on it, you might get away with it for a few days, but when you take the band-aid off, it’s going to be rather obvious what was going on under there, and that makes it even nastier in some way.

Ear Acne – I’m talking zits in your ear. When a zit forms inside the ear. You ever have one of these? The ears are so highly sensitive that the growth of a zit in the ear is incredibly painful. Add to it some poppage, or attempted poppage and you might need a prescription for Vicodin.

The Tweener AKA Between the Eye Zit AKA The Third Eye – Did I tell the story how I had a beast between my eyes once upon a time and I was asked if I had been bitten by a mosquito? Yeah. That really worked to build my self-esteem. These zits don’t hurt so bad if the peak quickly, but if they’re underground, it’s Trouble with a capital t. Just like I wrote it back there, you know?

Witches Zit – We all know this one, right? The zit right on the tip of the nose? Is there anything worse to look at? Not only do you have to see it in the mirror, but you have to see it with your own eyes. Don’t even try popping one of these. Let it be. It’s just not worth it.

Got others? Comment it up.

The Colorado Trail

Always learning new stuff.

Was having a conversation with a classmate about our trek to Denver, and he brought up the Colorado trail. I’d heard of the Colorado trail, but never really knew much about it. I didn’t know that it is the most direct route from Denver to Durango and vice versa. Well, maybe not most direct, but most direct, single stretch of trail/road that leads from one place to the other. It’s just over 480 miles long, and most thru hikers will hit it during the late spring to late summer. It’s like a big deal to see how fast you can do it, I guess. There are groups of trail runners who do 40 plus miles per day. I run, but not like that. I guess the average is somewhere between 30-40 days. Talk about an epic vacation.

If you’re curious about my employment situation. I haven’t been called in to temp once at the first Durango job. I’d probably still be getting about 8-10 hours a week, so I’m just continuing to keep my ears open for other opportunities.

My skin is still looking pretty good. But I can feel the hurt coming on. That means the AZ Cardinals are getting ready to take the field again. I know at 1-4 and the 49ers at 5-1 that the division is pretty much sealed this early, but I can’t buy their hype. We haven’t played them yet, and I think this bye week has been huge for our team development. I probably shouldn’t care, or get frustrated, but that’s just the way I am.

I’m cutting every beverage out of my diet other than water. I’m hoping that’ll help with the prevention of zits. I don’t know if such a small change is actually quite significant, or if I’ll feel better and have the same facial intruders that I’m already so used to. Guess I’m about to find out.

Punched in the Face…By my Face

Ow. Oh. Ah. Ugh.

Ever get a ripe pimple of the cystic acne variety? These things hurt so bad. I’m so fortunate to have the Internet at my disposal. I remember the first time I got one of these I tried to squeeze it. Terrible decision. Terrible! You can’t pop them. Basically you can bruise the heck out of your skin, damage it and cause the zit-fection to get worse, but you can’t manually remove these suckers. This one is where mine always hit. Albeit, this is the third I’ve had. They have all showed up around my jawline.

I ice these puppies like they’re injuries. That seems to help bring the swelling down a bit. And I pump up my vitamin C intake. Good antioxidants. Icing also helps draw that fresh goodness toward the injury as the body responds to the cold. Isn’t it amazing how our blood possesses its own healing properties? People really don’t think about maintaining themselves in such a manner–that they are their own key to well being. You can thank my mom for this aspect of my personality. She’s a health nut. But in all fairness, my parents look like they’re maybe 15 years older than me, as opposed to 2o something.

I’m gonna babysit this zit. The others on my face stayed for a surprisingly short stay, and some of them forget their luggage, but they seem to have checked out. One good thing about having an embarrassing zit on your face is the fact that you’re far more inclined to stay in and study. That’s what I’m inclined to do…right…now.

Let me hash tag this sucka.


Who Says Mondays are Bad?

Other than a face that looks like I patchy beard made of zits, how can I complain about this day? Everyday is beautiful here. Yeah, I grew up in the desert, where everyday was pretty much sunny, but here… I always feel that way about my family who lives in L.A. too. When we went driving through Pasadena, over by the Rose Bowl and stuff. Anyway, that’s the only thing missing from here…the beach…but there’s plenty bodies of water to choose from.

I got up early yesterday and watched some of the 9/11 memorial stuff. I remember the day, but I wasn’t really affected by it. I was 8, you know? It was pretty sad to see that one kid who lost his father, while his mom was pregnant with him. Pretty haunting.

I couldn’t stay somber for long. Too much good football. In particular, there was a team from the great state of Arizona, battling vs. a dude that is just absurd. Carolina is gonna be just fine in the hands of Cam Newton, and I actually think they’ll finish better than they did a year ago…not that difficult of a prediction. Anyway, enough of the Panthers, let’s talk about some Cardinals. Remember a few weeks ago how I said Early Doucet was healthy and that I thought he could be quite a factor with Fitzgerald drawing so much attention? Well. If I didn’t actually write it, I was thinking it. His big play was the difference maker. Kolb looked good. And I thought our defense did a pretty darn good job against some odd sets, Cam Newton and Steve Smith.

I have to get up early on Monday for classes. I think that’s a good thing. It would be easy to get lazy through the week if my Monday mornings were lazy, so…I’m happy to do it. We talked a bit about 9/11 in my history class today, and there are still a lot of questions that people want answers to. I have a feeling the JFK conspiracy theorists are telling everyone to get in line.

I’m an Applicant

I’ve been hammering applications for locations all over town. Restaurants, hotels, a bookstore, a couple of movie theaters…definitely not interested in anything specific. I don’t know how many hours I’ll be able to handle, but I figure I can challenge myself, and then dial it back if and when it’s necessary.

So. Here’s a story for ya.

The combined families were having breakfast this morning. Maggie and her family got in after two days of driving, and everyone pretty much bummed around last night after they got in. The youngers hanging, Mags and I hanging, the olders hanging. It’s actually a pretty nice mix. I’m off track already. Gotta set the stage, you know? So. We were at this place called Oscar’s. A local breakfast joint that is well-known enough for many locals to suggest it when we said the word “omlette.”

The youngers (siblings) were sitting at the bar, while the other 6 of us were at a table. We were enjoying breakfast when my mom pipes up and asks, “So. Do you think you two will get married?” Obviously speaking about Maggie and myself. I just kept eating, making for a very humorous exchange. Then I looked at Maggie. Face-palming. Shaking her head. I looked at her dad who was just staring at me. This was a serious question!? I’m 18!!?? We can’t date for awhile longer?

So. I tried to speak. When I started, Maggie reached across the table and sweetly grabbed my hand.


Everyone at the table was staring at me. Maggie looked right in my eyes:


Then high-fives my mom.

The table burst into laughter, and I looked over at the bar to see all the kids were staring and in on it, too. Fun at zit boys expense. Just cruel.

Taking Stock

A few people have asked lately if I’m still running. I am. I don’t run everyday at present, but I do something athletic everyday. Golf excluded. When I work, I generally run to work. It forces me to get up and get out before it’s just too hot to run through the air. If I’m feeling it, I’ll leg it back home, too, or just catch a ride with one of the guys who is heading out for a break or done for the day. I do usually run back as well, though. It’s about 7 miles round-trip, so not too terribly bad.

My face. Geez. Hasn’t been a very friendly summer. It’s strange to kind of journal the progress of your skin. Beyond knowing that I suffer from the common disease known medically as acne vulgaris, I also know that my face is pumping out some pretty awesome facial hair. Filling in the gaps, as I like to say. Certainly enough to play with, and enjoy a true experiment of styles, but as you would suspect, the longer you go without shaving, the worse the complexion gets. Shaving is a nice exfoliation…it just sucks shaving over zits. Sucks.

I’m hopeful this stuff is gone within the next couple of years. I keep saying that, don’t I? I said it when I first started this blog, and I’m sure I”ll be repeating it at 27 if the little sons-a-bishes are still around then. But then I think, “You know, I’ve driven a Corvette ZR-1. I have an amazing girl. I have an angsty head on my shoulders that gets that I’m angsty–would I trade it all for clear skin?” Probably so. All of it. No. No, I wouldn’t. Not a chance.

All those people who walked around morose in high school, I just never understood. I’m sure they had their own stuff going on, and I always tried to make their day a better, more pleasant experience, but I just couldn’t vibe on the life travesty train.