Mo Sno

We’ve got some beautiful snow in Durango, but the weather during the rest of the week is supposed to be quite odd. Highs hitting near 50 degrees!? In January? Of course, I’ve never lived here during a winter, but…

Mags and I hit the slopes again last weekend. We totally forgot about MLK Jr. day. So a big thanks to the man who fought to make us a little more humane, and whose legacy offers us a day to be a little more humane–aka enjoying the people we love to be around. At least that’s what I’m choosing to do. It all gets real again tomorrow. Time to really refocus on academia. Growing up in a place where there was never snow and just sand and saguaros, it’s kind of fun to walk to and from classes, across campus and into town with the snow blowing. It’s truly beautiful. I see why people who live here love it and never leave.

I have been working a lot, relatively speaking. When I came back, one of the guys who was also working as a bar back decided he was done in Durango. So. There you go. Some never leave, some leave and never come back. In regards to the latter, it’s going to allow me the opportunity to work as much as I want to. I’ve even got the good vibe to bring my studies on slower days. That’s cool, but that’s not my preferred goodies…

My face. Ah. Too soon to tell, but I am enjoying the ease of the application and “system.” I will say that I’ve noticed fewer, stubborn little blackheads after only a few days, but if I’m being fair, I haven’t been entirely consistent with the Proactiv directions yet–I forgot to do it this weekend. OK. I’m busted. I didn’t shower on Saturday or Sunday.


Farewell, November

Farewell, November.

Doesn’t that sound like song from like the golden era of cinema? I Googled it just to see what I could find. A total mix of stuff. Another month in, another month out. It has been an adventurous month…November always just seems to fly. Believe it or not, my face is still doing pretty darn good. A couple extras in the mix, but nothing so major. Still rolling in the minor key of the zitty symphony.

Busy-ness right now. Trying to figure my semester beginning in January. Still don’t know really want I want to concentrate on in terms of academic focus. I might push toward business just so I have a good skill set to use in whatever I wanna do. If I do anything arts related, like film or something, obviously I’m going to have to do some grad work, so… I’ve always thought of myself a bit of an entrepreneur – well, ever since I’ve known the word…entrepreneur. Such a cool word.

I figure I should take a class or two in the winter semester. Anyway, in addition to flip-flopping on which classes I want to take combined with what I need to take, I’ve got a nice load of finals to prep for, a few papers to write and more than a few Christmas parties to attend. Also working a little more steady. It kind of works out that I’m leaving about the time a dude comes back from DU (Denver University) who has also worked there and is looking to pick up a few hours. Win-win.

Getting out of here. Oh, man. That’s another chore. Gotta score some tix from Durango to Madison. I didn’t think I’d miss my friends from home so much, but several I missed at Thanksgiving have been pinging me lately about coming home for Christmas. Will just have to see if we can hook up next summer.

No Zits = Extra Pie

Ah yes. Fellow zit havers. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day. I talked my parents into a Turducken. I guess this one has crawfish jambalaya stuffing, between each layer, and in the small chicken cavity. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy…gonna be crazy delicious!!!!

Got my work in this week. They were thrilled to have my help. A lot of stuff to be done to prep for their weekend, so, now that all of that is done, I’ll just be chilling from now until Sunday, when we head back to Durango for that final push of the semester. Some good football this weekend. I guess I’ll have to put my money on LSU in that Arkansas game tomorrow, and then the following week in the SEC Championship. That’s a very impressive football team. You can look at nearly every football team and say, “Here is where they’re weak.” They really don’t have any weaknesses. I don’t get the two quarterback thing, but when I’ve watched them play, both have played well. They have a stable of running backs. Just ridiculous. I’m shocked they have been underdogs twice this year – vs. Oregon and Alabama. Enough football, time to talk pie.

My face. No pissin’ and moanin’, my face actually looks pretty darn good. Like, if you saw me from a distance, you wouldn’t notice my zits. That to me, is a monster victory. A victory worthy of an entire pie during the course of this day. Oh yes, I have already eaten two pieces of pumpkin spice pie. My very favorite. Pumkin pie, heavy on the fall spices. I’ve also run today. Don’t think me a total glutton! I’m just do my very best to call upon the return of my zits. You know. Overindulgence of sugar…and stuff like that.

How to get a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep in your own bed. That’s how it’s done.

I’m home. Mags and I decided we’d skip the Canyon of the Grandiose nature and just zip straight home to Phoenix. Well. My home. Kind of her second home maybe? If I might be so bold. Anyway, last night was the best night of sleep that I have had in quite some time. My room is comfortable in Durango, but there’s just something about your own bed that can’t be duplicated. You can score a better mattress, but I’m willing to bet that you can’t score a better sleep.

I feel like my face is already enjoying the home environment as well. It’s really interesting going from similar climate to similar climate, but a different climate if that makes any sense. Yeah, I guess it doesn’t. For example, you get in a car for a long car trip, and don’t really get out except to grab gas…it just feels different when you get to where you’re going. Maybe that makes sense.

I’m actually about to head into the lot and see if I can pick up a few hours this afternoon. I need some scratch, because I want to afford some Christmas presents for the family this year. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you get older? Go away to college? You have to bring back memorabilia for your family. Like those shirts that say “SuchnSuch University DAD #1.” Everyone loves those. Needs those. Wants those.

Please. I’m actually saving to try and score my brother an air soft rifle. My parents aren’t going to get him one, so I figure I can bear the burden of getting in trouble from the parents if they’re that against him having one. In order to soften the blow, I’ll need to afford all the safety measures as well…so…I need to work more. On that note, I’m out the door.

Veteran’s Day Weekend

I seriously forgot that we had a holiday this weekend. My Friday schedule is so chill anyway. Regardless, I’ll enjoy the breath and go do something this afternoon. Maybe catch a flick. I’m working a bit tonight, and tomorrow night. Will probably pick up more shifts moving forward. They like me, I like them, the work (to me) is fairly easy and I love that I get an additional scrap of the tips. Crazy. I’m cool with my wage. It’s not as much as I made back in Arizona, but it’s still money coming in, when I don’t really pay for anything yet.

I’m actually going to get a couple good days work in over Thanksgiving. We decided to go to Phoenix, and at Fort Lewis, they give us a whole week off for Thanksgiving. I think that’s the way it should be, though I’ve got friends who only get off the Thursday and Friday. How big of a hose is that? Anyway, we’re gonna blast out next Friday, and then we’ll have over a week in Arizona. Should be fun. Planning to work on Monday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday at the old dealership, helping them to get some cars in order for Black Friday. It’s always a big day for people to gawk, even if they’re aren’t interested in buying…good lookin’ cars make the more interested in a potential purchase, so, I’ll take the paycheck to shine ’em up right.

Also plan to do some quail hunting while we’re home. May take Maggie, if she can stomach the prospect of taking down a goofy looking bird. And they are rather tasty when grilled up right. I trust the old man with that tastiness.

How are my zits, you ask? Well. As mentioned on Wednesday, not good. I’m just not feeling that they’re presently worthy of press. More like a squeeze. But…I’m gonna ignore them this weekend. They’ll just have to cut it on their own.

A Winner. Finally.

This week was a winner. Everything about it. I made the commitment that I wasn’t going to blog again until the Cardinals got a win. The football Cardinals. Oh how I wish I were a baseball Cardinals fan. Anyway, Monday night was briefly enjoyable for Halloween, but a few of us decided that we’d go to this place and watch Monday Night Football. It’s a local bar/restaurant.

While we were there, I noticed a less than favorable exchange between a manager and an employee and then the employee left. I waited it out for a bit, sparked up some casual conversation with the manager throughout the evening, as he began serving us and then I asked if they were hiring. He kind of cocked his head to the side, and said, “I actually just had a guy quit tonight…what kind of restaurant experience do you have?” I replied. “I like to eat them a lot.” He laughed and invited me in for an interview.

Now I’m bar-backing and bussing some tables. It’s much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I’m still clueless on a lot of things, but the job is mostly physical, and I’m very capable. So, I trained a bit on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then worked a shift yesterday, and hung out this afternoon to see the Arizona Cardinals beat the St. Louis Rams. …and Patrick Peterson was feeling it. Feeling that mojo from last night’s LSU victory. What a game that was, too. Anyway, in all of this, my face has been adequately cooperative. Not listening to everything I’ve asked of it, yet not being completely disobedient.

I’m over zits. I’m ready to transition into adulthood. It’s nice to be making a little scratch again. That’s luck, right? Preparation meeting opportunity? Don’t know how my preparation transcends beyond the social scope, but I’ll take it.

Maggie says hi. I’m out.

How to Quit a Job

I had a rinky dink 5 hour shift last night, and when I got there I went straight to the manager and asked about the potential of more hours. I got the feedback that I was expecting to get. Nothing against the establishment, it’s really well run, but there are just a lot of people on staff. I’m sure if it were during the summer, it would be a different story.

So, I offered a written two weeks notice. I was then told that the schedule wasn’t made for next week yet, so I asked if I could finish out the week and move along. It was amicable. In fact, I was told that if I wanted to stay on as a “sub,” I could be called in a pinch. I agreed that I’d stay on. I may be offered more shifts in such a manner.

Now I gotta find another job. This helped me realize what I don’t want to do. Stand around. I’m not a stand arounder. I can stand, but then I need to move. Gonna check out that bar/restaurant I mentioned where I’ve been catching the Cardinals games on Sundays. I just have a feeling the hours won’t really agree with my studies, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Unless you want to fly by flapping your arms. That would never work, regardless of a strong will. But once upon a time I was wearing a very baggy jacket during track practice and the desert wind was ridiculous. I kept jumping into the wind, spreading the jacket out, and it would fly me momentarily like a kite. But by flapping the arms? Just don’t see it happening.

Face is alright. Still enjoying the benefits of last weekend.