I remember when my little sis couldn’t say family. I know. I know. You thought I was making fun of Asian people whose first language is not English. No, no. If that were the case, I would have used something that possessed the letter L. It’s always good to have the whole family together. Such a great energy. I love this group of people, what can I say? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned in the past two years that we always do our Christmas presents on Christmas Day with everyone there… so literally, everyone brings all of their presents, and I’m telling you, you’ve never seen a stash like this. It’s quite absurd. There are probably 20-25 of us on any given year… plus presents… amazing.

Losing my other grandma earlier this month really got me to thinking about how special these occasions are. When I talk about them, I get that nobody can quite understand what I’m say. The sheer magnitude. AND, the coolest thing for me is that Maggie and her family are all joining us this year. Our parents have become pretty tight due to our relationship, and got each other presents this year, so they’re doing something with Mags Dad’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, which I’m joining for, and then they’re all coming to my grandparent’s place on Christmas morning.

We generally get together mid-morning, rap, play games, watch TV, sports, then have a nice brunch/lunch, lounge for awhile and open gifts. If I’ve offered all this info. before…I’ve just wasted 45 seconds of your time.

Every year someone says something about my complexion, and I snap at them, but I think with Mags being around this year, people will try to embarrass me in other ways. Not humiliate me. Just razz me. I’m looking forward to it.


Zits and Grades and Zitty Grades

I’ve got this one of my forehead right now from my Arizona Cardinals (how ’bout them Cardinals? Gonna mess around and at least play spoiler…) sock hat. Am I the only person who calls them sock hats? People here just call them hats. I think that’s what they wear year round, so what’s the difference, right? Anyway, that forehead job I give a B+. It is pretty stellar. Has a relatively defined form, nice protrusion from the skin level…decent circumference and a nice snow cap that is developing. The others are probably around a B average, so I suppose my zits are finishing their first college semester with about a 3.2 GPA. Personally, I wish they’d flunk out. Drink too much, stop studying, showing up for class and just disappear from the premises, but they’re persistent. I have to give them credit where due.

Me? A little better than the zits. I came in with an attitude to kick academic ass. That, I have done. It hasn’t been “easy” per se, but it has been anything but hard. I have done everything I’ve wanted to do this semester socially, worked at two different places, spent time with my girl, met new friends and if my finals went as well as I believe they did, I’ll be rolling straight across the board as good as it gets. The folks will be happy, and the grandparents will swell with pride.

Maggie has a beast of a final this afternoon, and she’s stressing, so I’m gonna take her out afterward. Catch a movie and celebrate the end of the first semester. I’m picking up some work tomorrow, then we’re rolling down to Albuquerque on Friday. Change in plans. We got a cheaper flight out of ABQ, so, one of our friends who lives there said we could just leave my car at his parents house, and snag it when we get back.

OK. Gonna enjoy a hot shower now. Mmmmmm. Actually, I just had an idea!