Christmas Time is Here…

Finals: Complete. Bags: Packed. Girlfriend: Hot.

So. I mentioned a movie and celebration yesterday after Maggie’s final, but when I mentioned a hot shower, I thought of Trimble Hot Springs. Wait. Let me back up. I was going to take a hot shower, then I thought, “I should just take her to the hot springs,” which I did. As a surprise. And it was amazing. I mean amazing. There’s just something so enjoyable about being in the hot springs pools when the weather is like 20 degrees out, and the snow is falling. Come on! Definitely have to do that again. I can’t remember the last time I slept so good.

So. Yep. We’re getting geared up to head out. I’m working tonight, then we’re gonna drive down to Albuquerque tomorrow to fly out. We get into Madison fairly late, but it’s going to give me a few days with my grandparents before the rest of my family gets to town. I’ll also get to spend some time with Maggie’s family, and some of our mutual friends. My cousin is actually going to pick us up from the airport. He is no longer with Maggie’s best friend, but from what I understand, everything was amicable. I know he was totally cool with her being with some other dude that she met this fall, so I guess that’s how life works.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, and eating and watching bowl games and hopefully winning another Rose Bowl bet vs. Maggie this year. She’s far too loyal to the Badgers.

OK. I gotta put some tinted acne cream on my gaudy zits, and get to work!


How to Prepare for Finals

Not like my roommate.

Thank you. I’ll see you next week.

It’s crazy. I’ve seen a lot more zits this week than I have the weeks prior. I think stress is starting to catch up with a few people. Potentially my roommate. He’s got some good friends from high school who go to school here, too – they’re mostly who I hang out. Anyway, he usually studies with them, but apparently there’s been a re-tooling of the study habits after his recent scores have been slipping and sliding. I’ve offered to help, like quiz him on stuff, but he always refuses. I don’t get that. I noticed the poor guy, as well as a few other people I know, are enjoying a few of my permanent facial residents on their own faces these days.

I just don’t recommend that as a result of studying for finals. Now. If you’re like me. You’ve got this crap all the time. So, I consider it balance. A nice, zitty balance. And I’m sitting on a 4.0 for my first semester. Not bad, if I may toot my own horn (toot toot).

My study method is based off the old Ant & Grasshopper fable. That one would belong to Aesop. Had a teacher last year when I was a senior in high school who said that he could guarantee academic success in college if we’d just read and understand that fable. Ultimately, you study more, but it feels like you study less when you stretch it out with regular review sessions all semester long. You retain the knowledge better through repetition, and you might even have an opportunity to apply it through some wisdom.

So. If you stumbled across this post by accident, and had no idea that a dude who wrestles daily with his acne was dulling out academic advice, there you go… Put it to practice. See what happens. Seriously. Review throughout the semester, all next semester… you can send donations in form of check, written out to “Awesome Advice Giver” c/o F*** My Zits @ WordPress.