A Lazy Saturday Afternoon

This has been the laziest of Saturday afternoons. No work today. Just chillin’. Enjoyed some breakfast, and now I’m reading a book. What book, you ask? Moneyball. Figured I should read it before seeing it…if I see it. The read is fast and fantastic, and I think its important to read things you enjoy while you’re stuck reading crap that you don’t all the time in college. Not that I don’t find reading for class interesting and intriguing at times, but all in all, it’s boring as all get out. If only they could hire GREAT writers to write textbooks. Melding humor, anecdotes, examples, etc. to make the process so much more enjoyable.

This would also solve the problem of keeping pertinent, factual information in textbooks as editions change and cycle. Just an opinion. That I stole from a professor. Curriculum writers take note. I just made that up. Curriculum writers. I’m sure these textbooks are like everything else in this country…outsourced to English speakers in China, then edited by people here before being published. I kid. I don’t really believe that.

So. My zits. They’re not coexisting well with my new method of treatment. Seriously. Looks like they may pack up and leave for good. That’s really disappointing. Oh, wait. I’m confused. I’ve suffered from these little PABs for so long that I feel like I’ll no longer have a social crutch to lean on. That I’ll have to lead the way into conversation now, instead of being a counter-talker.

Oh, new horizons. You have my interest.

OK. I’m gonna go over to Mags now. Lie in her window, which snags some awesome afternoon sun. Just be like a cat. Look around. Maybe lick myself, turn on the nearest passer by and jump around at anything that moves.


Snow Bunnies

Snow time, snow time… Now it feels like Christmas. We’re just crashing out up here. Did I mention how much I won on that Oregon v. Wisconsin game? I haven’t even mentioned it, have I? Had I lost, I would have been out significant funds. Significant. But, I didn’t. I won a betcha with Maggie, and scored enough cash to afford our weekend at Purgatory/Durango Ski Resort. I need to try and get a job here so I can ride for free. It’s not pricey like some of the other Colorado resorts, but when you’re saving for a life with your honey, well, you don’t want to be spending excessive funds on snow. Maybe I’ll see what the story is. If not this year, then for next. Maybe I could get on in the summer. They do mountain biking stuff during the summer…that sounds fun, too.

Maggie is a good little shredder. Well, maybe she doesn’t shred yet, but she’s a jock, so it just made sense to her. Only took awhile for her to really get going earlier today. Now we’re cozied up, and ready to flow with some Netflix. Then up and at ’em again tomorrow for more glide.

Oh. My face. Remember how I said I’d stress and break out after that car accident. As small as it was…still got me. I’m telling you, my physiology is just off. There’s too much testosterone or something rolling through my body. Exercising regularly somewhat helps, but nothing so significant to think that it’ll solve any problems. At least it hasn’t in the past. And football, geez, that just made it worse. But at least it was predictable. OK. Movie time. Sleep tight…or party on!

Exam Ace With Zits on His Face

Droppin’ answers.

Forget about it. Seriously. The two exams I took this week I smacked around like a cat with a cricket. I was the first one done in both my classes, and I love exam days because you get to bail from class early. These particular tests were in a history class and in a geography class. Studying a little bit everyday just makes the material stay fresh. So, I can set it aside for a few minutes and then dust it off again for finals.

I got a few annoyed looks as I stood up with 15 minutes left in the class period to turn in my test yesterday. One guy was sweating bullets, and just looked up like, “You bastard.” I’d be happy to study with him, but within the first few weeks of school, his attendance has been less than exemplary in the class. Hopefully it’s a wake up call. All the sudden I’m this guy’s dad?

I’m just jacked up on test awesomeness. The material isn’t difficult. Just don’t understand the mentality of some people in college. If you’re gonna screw around, then why not do it at a huge university where you can get the most bang for your buck! Stay in state. Save some money. Party hard. That’s my advice.

Or, you could take your education a little more seriously, study a little bit everyday, and pretty much do what you want when you want. What to do this weekend? Party? Yep. I think it’s time to head out and make a major purchase. Time to invest in a mountain bike. I know it’s getting late in the season. I’m gonna try to grab a used cycle that’s still in great shape, but about half the price.

My face is still looking good. When I say good, it means less zitty, but still zitty. I’m sure a mountain bike helmet is exactly what my zitty face needs.