Boxing Day Flag Football is a Blast…Bet you Didn’t Know That

I love days like today. When what you think might happen isn’t even close to what actually happens. I woke up, looked in the mirror and literally said, “F*** you, zits. You’re refusing to leave, then you’re gonna have to party with me today.” No. I don’t condone that language, but sometimes it is just so powerful when you use it. For some reason, I get saucy when I’m over here. Remember the fight I got into with Maggie’s old dude back in the day? Summer before last? Geez, Louise. That was stupid. I think it’s my cousin. He just gets me fired up. So, it was him who called earlier today and said, “Wanna play some flag football?”

At first the idea didn’t really appeal to me, but then he mentioned that they had access to an indoor soccer facility that had been rented by one of his buddies, who I also know. I said no, then about 15 minutes later he called back and said that his buddy said, “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. I guess those PAC-12 pansies wouldn’t want to mix it up with us.” That was all it took. I didn’t know that it was a tradition of theirs. They call it the Christmas Hangover Bowl.

I accepted, then hollered at Maggie’s Uncle, who is still in his 30s and in most excellent shape. I wanted to see this beast strut.

So. Mag’s cousin and I show up together, and immediately we’ve put fear into everyone else who was there to play. While there were guys bigger than me there, I had height on most of them, and this was just a friendly game of flag. We had 12 guys, so we were able to throw a little 6 on 6. Maggie’s uncle and I went off. He was playing QB for us, and we just had instant chemistry. After our 3rd TD combo he told me that if I didn’t walk on next year that he would drive to Durango and drag me to the field. That was maybe the best Christmas season present I received. Everyone called me PAC-12 all day, and I let them know that what I did to them is what Oregon will do to Wisconsin. Then Maggie’s uncle refused to take me home for saying that. Seriously, I had to fetch another ride. He said we’d square up on the 2nd. Love this dude.


Most Beautiful October Zits

I can’t even complain about my complexion right now. It is so crazy beautiful here. The seasons have officially changed, and nature is strutting its stuff. Maggie and I took a drive with her roommate the other day, who has actually turned out to be a very cool chick…anyway, everything out here has turned from green to golden. No brown like we have in the desert – golden. The deciduous trees are amazing. We just went hiking through the woods admiring everything. Fall is definitely here. Actually, in the past I’ve called it fall – now I’m going to call it Autumn. It’s definitely autumn here.

I’m glad nature is smiling, because the Arizona Cardinals have fallen off the face of the planet. We are RIGHT THERE in every game, but keep coming up short. Brutal. Now we’re games down in the NFC West. We could be 3-1. Could be 4-0. I’m confident that we’ll get a win vs. Minnesota, but at the same time, they’re desperate. Our defense really needs to step up. I think Patrick Peterson has all the tools, obviously, but he seems timid to become that vocal leader as a rookie. I guess I can understand that. So…right now…all I do is hear about the Wisconsin Badgies from Maggie. I think she’s about ready to leave me and start writing love letters to Russell Wilson. Do people still write love letters?

Haven’t worked in a minute now. School is fine. I put a plan into action that is working flawlessly to this point. A little bit of study each day allows for wonderful weekend play. That’s my motto. My M.O. My thing.

The face? A mess. I might be convinced that I have a seasonal acne issue…if I didn’t have gaudawful zits 365. They are worse in the fall…excuse me, autumn. I don’t know why. If I knew why, obviously, I’d do something about it.