Boxing Day Flag Football is a Blast…Bet you Didn’t Know That

I love days like today. When what you think might happen isn’t even close to what actually happens. I woke up, looked in the mirror and literally said, “F*** you, zits. You’re refusing to leave, then you’re gonna have to party with me today.” No. I don’t condone that language, but sometimes it is just so powerful when you use it. For some reason, I get saucy when I’m over here. Remember the fight I got into with Maggie’s old dude back in the day? Summer before last? Geez, Louise. That was stupid. I think it’s my cousin. He just gets me fired up. So, it was him who called earlier today and said, “Wanna play some flag football?”

At first the idea didn’t really appeal to me, but then he mentioned that they had access to an indoor soccer facility that had been rented by one of his buddies, who I also know. I said no, then about 15 minutes later he called back and said that his buddy said, “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. I guess those PAC-12 pansies wouldn’t want to mix it up with us.” That was all it took. I didn’t know that it was a tradition of theirs. They call it the Christmas Hangover Bowl.

I accepted, then hollered at Maggie’s Uncle, who is still in his 30s and in most excellent shape. I wanted to see this beast strut.

So. Mag’s cousin and I show up together, and immediately we’ve put fear into everyone else who was there to play. While there were guys bigger than me there, I had height on most of them, and this was just a friendly game of flag. We had 12 guys, so we were able to throw a little 6 on 6. Maggie’s uncle and I went off. He was playing QB for us, and we just had instant chemistry. After our 3rd TD combo he told me that if I didn’t walk on next year that he would drive to Durango and drag me to the field. That was maybe the best Christmas season present I received. Everyone called me PAC-12 all day, and I let them know that what I did to them is what Oregon will do to Wisconsin. Then Maggie’s uncle refused to take me home for saying that. Seriously, I had to fetch another ride. He said we’d square up on the 2nd. Love this dude.


I’m Wistful for Some Helmet Acne

What an opening weekend to the college football season. Mags and I hooked up on Thursday night to watch Wisconsin destroy UNLV, and then on Saturday, I went hopping for spot to spot with my roommate and few new friends to view some games. My roommate is actually from Oregon. Well, was raised there, but his family moved to Colorado a couple years ago. He’s a Ducks fan. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I didn’t think Oregon had a chance against the LSU defense. The special teams play leaned heavily toward the SEC squad – I thought that might be the equalizer, but clearly one team was much better than the other.

I explained to him that I could empathize. It was a handful of years ago, but LSU came to Arizona, and we had them down, only to see the Tigers come back and thump us in the waning moments of the game.

All this football, and I’m aching to get geared up. Dare I say it? I miss helmet acne? No. I’m not that big of doof, but I do miss the helmet. I’m so jones’d for the Cardinals season. I really think we’ve got a good shot to take the West and get back into the playoffs. I love that we locked Larry in for the long haul. I think he may aid in making Kevin Kolb a Pro-Bowl QB. Goodness. Larry Fitzgerald could make me look like a legitimate threat at QB.

So. Yes. It was a good weekend. A bit of a blur. Classes are going well. Maggie and I did some hiking with some new friends this weekend, and after a stressful beginning, she and her roommate are actually starting to hit it off. Things generally aren’t as they seem when you begin something under stressful circumstances, and it seemed that her roomie was more stressed about her parents than anything else. I’ve had those friends with those parents. It’s not that they don’t allow their kids freedom, they just want to participate in everything with their kids. Bad news.

Any parents reading this? Don’t do that.

Super Bowl Was…

What did you think of yesterday’s game? I’m still chewing on it. As a wide receiver who has better hands than speed, it was infuriating to see some of the Packers drop balls that they did. They missed probably 4-5 BIG PLAYS (plays over 15 yards) due to drops. But then you can’t really pick on Jordy Nelson and the gang, because they stepped up when their emotional cornerstone, Donald Driver, went out early.

The game played out as I suspected. Pittsburgh stayed in it, but never seemed in it. Well, not if ya asked me. I was impressed with their resolve coming out for the 3rd quarter, and capitalizing on Green Bay shooting themselves in the foot with two penalties on their opening drive…They played well upon the Pack’s lack of Charles Woodson, and marched down for the score. Still, it never seemed like the Pittsburgh D was stopping the Green Bay drives. It was always a huge drop on 3rd down, or poor execution due to penalties.

It was an enjoyable game. I always wish my team was in the mix, but considering how the garden of my face sprouts new tomatoes when I stress about that crap, perhaps I’m better off for the time being.

When I got home today I caught wind that we might go after Marc Bulger, former Rams starter, and he backed up Joe Flacco this season in Baltimore. Ask me what I think of this. Seriously ask. Thanks.

I think it SUCKS! Listen, if we’re gonna go for back up material, I want Matt Flynn from the Packers. He was underrated at LSU, and he played exceptionally well vs. New England earlier this year when Rodgers was out with his concussion. He’d also have a familiar face in Early Doucet on the roster, and I think some young, smart talent like him, who played behind Favre and Rodgers would be a worthwhile investment. Marc Bulger. No. No. NO! Some people are saying Kevin Kolb, but I don’t think we can afford him.

As always, I’ve got the cart in front of the horse. The millionaires have to come to some kind of agreement before mid-March, or all this could be for naught.

The Sun Will Screw Your Skin

How crazy has the NFL season been?

How crazy? I can’t believe that my Cardinals were in the Super Bowl two seasons ago, and now they’re back to the drawing board. We’re gonna lose Fitzgerald in the off-season, I’m confident. Rumor has it, Kansas City, but I could see him in a multitude of places. Whatever happened to players sticking with a team. My dad was telling me that when John Elway was with the Broncos, they were embarrassed in a couple Super Bowls before they put it all together toward the end of his career, and they won back to back championships.

Anyway, I’m really excited for this weekend’s match-ups and to see who is going to push to the Super Bowl. Who do you like…readers who never comment?

Yeah, I know. You just come here to see what I’m complaining about in the realm of my zits. You’ll be happy to know that I’m fighting like a champ. I’ll never quit. Never. Ever. It is interesting to really see that my skin is changing. Thickening…getting stubbly and hairy.

Fortunately, unlike a lot of kids at my school, I’ve taken good care of my skin in relation to the sun. Too many people enjoy too much sun exposure. My economics teacher isn’t even 30 years old, and she’s an AZ native, and she has had too much sun. She complains about it all the time. Seriously. She literally has a Coppertone Sport poster in her room. If you come in with a sunburn (which I looked like I had after my snowboarding adventures), she makes you come up and sign it/autograph it. I talked my way out of it, as mine was clearly windburn.

Anyway, I can handle the zits, when compared to the damage the sun does to your skin. If you don’t realize it, or don’t think that your skin is damaged because you can’t see it, just ask your doctor or dermatologist what they think!

I Think I’m Depressed…

Can I really be going through withdrawals?

No Choxie truffles for almost 3 days, and I’m really struggling. I’m back home. I didn’t get much for Christmas this year, and I had asked that it be that way, but what I didn’t expect was tickets to the BCS National Championship game! Even still, I’m totally bummed today. I think it’s the inevitable back to work/back to school/back to life reality that always follows the holiday season. It’s freaking depressing. So depressing I can feel a zit stewing…wanna guess where? Behind my ear. Not in it or on it, behind it. What a sonofa…

Last night I got my information together for my application to Fort Lewis College. I’ll wait to hear back from them, and then I need to pull the trigger. I’m kind of leaning that way right now. I don’t know, it just seems like it would be the greatest adventure for the college experience. The other places are cool, but as their thousands of students prove, it’s not a very unique choice. Well, I guess none are truly unique, but with hundreds of thousands of people also living in those general areas, it just seems like Durango, CO, might be the right fit for me. Anyway, I’m not divulging more than that…

So. High School. Talk about blah. I think I may run track this spring, just to keep the competitive juices flowing. Have no idea what events I might run. I have speed, but not 100 meter speed. Like, I would probably compete in the event, but I won’t ever win it, you know? I’m thinking 400m maybe… possible 800m. Combining speed and some endurance training. And I can jump well. Who knows. Who knows if I’ll even run…

I need a truffle. Not want… Need.

OK. I gotta get a little bit of work done. I suppose I’ll hit pause on zit blog for today.

OH, wait. Gotta mention…how about the dead birds falling from the skies in Arkansas and then Louisiana? WTFmyZits is that all about?

TCU vs. Wisconsin… Vs. Fort Lewis

How random? Coincidence, perhaps?

I’m leaning toward the Rose Bowl champ over the home of the grandparents and girlfriend. I must admit, there isn’t a whole lot of beauty to be seen this time of year in Fort Worth, but I really, really like the town. It’s a total Cowboy town. It seems like there’s an awesome social scene, and I can’t believe how different it is from Dallas. Like they’re in two different states or something and separated by 25 miles.

Obviously, if I choose TCU I won’t be playing football in college. If I choose Wisconsin, same story. The problem with Wisconsin is the winter. It’s LONG. It gets cold early, and stays cold late. That’s not my vibe. Fort Worth isn’t a balmy tropic by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s far more mild, and the warmth sticks around longer and shows up earlier.

Now. My dark horse. Fort Lewis College in Durango. In terms of aesthetic beauty, there are few college campuses that can rival what’s at your fingertips. Yes, there are serious winters, with lots of snow, but the snow comes with mountains and mountains come with serious shredding, sledding or lazy tubing for fun.

There’s also the possibility of playing college football if I were to choose Ft. Lewis. It would obviously be in a walk-on role, but I’m confident that I could stake some claim in the system. Their mascot is cool…the Skyhawks. Don’t know if it’s as cool as the Horned Frogs…

I have been accepted to WISC and TCU, but haven’t yet applied at Fort Lewis. I know my grades and test scores have qualified me for money at the first two, and would probably do so at FLC. Yes, TCU is pricey. Smaller, private school. Fort Lewis, same deal. Even smaller private school. At Wisconsin, I can claim residency quickly, “moving” there after graduation.

Maggie hasn’t pulled her trigger yet either. We both agreed to that we weren’t going to really state our final decision until we had both decided, so we don’t lure one another. Trying to be smart about it, but I’m lying if I said her decision won’t influence mine.

More later. Oh yeah. The zits are still here 🙂

All of the Sudden I’m a Hobo?

I love my Grandmother. I was just enjoying myself this morning doing nothing, and she asked if I wanted to go with her to the mall and look around for something. Now, I know this is code for, “What do you want for Christmas?” while still trying to make the gift something of a surprise.

I told her I would rather just chill out and watch some ESPN, and she got all huffy with me. “Come on. We’re going to the mall. I won’t take no for an answer, so quite lyin’ around like a hobo, get some clothes on and show me some of those football moves that I missed this year.”

After laughing at her, and having her throw a pillow at me, I hopped in the shower, went to the mall with grams and then we stopped by to see Maggie at work. If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that I’ll see that girl for every second I can while I’m here. I don’t care if she gets sick of me. I gotta take home some reserves, you know?

I got home, and after realizing that my face was not only spotted and speckled with its usual intruders, I noticed that it’s also getting chapped already. Then I got curious about the word hobo, so I looked it up.

It implies a “tramp” or “vagrant.” So, I confronted my Grandmother about this, and let her know that a person watching ESPN doesn’t qualify as a hobo. She asked me, “Do you live here?” I knew where she was going with it, so I just let it at that.