BCS Championship Madness

I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I’m pretty amped for the game tonight. Got a double or nothing with Maggie. She’s going with Alabama and I’m going with LSU. You know how teams seem to have those seasons of destiny? Not only that, but I watched the first game and LSU seemed to play a very conservative game plan. All those athletes and they served vanilla. And still won. Maggie thinks playing in New Orleans will be a distraction for the guys from Louisiana, and I think she just doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

I was looking at the lines on my betting site, and for the last five weeks it has been a straight push or LSU -1. Which basically means that the sportsbooks don’t think people want action on the game. I don’t. I wouldn’t touch it with a 29 and a half foot pole. But I’ll certainly offer my lady double or nothing. It’s just laundry. But that’s multiple loads…and I’ll take it. Wash. Dry. Fold. And she’s got an iron, so I may have her press some trousers.

I’m thinking about trying Proactiv. I know I’ve said this about 10 times before, but something’s got to give. I’m just not interested in this acne anymore. It does me no favors. I know that ultimately people don’t care, but I just don’t even like the thought of being referred to as, “…I can’t remember his name…really nice guy…um, he’s kind of got acne issues…? Yeah, that’s him…” Seriously, who wants to be known as the zit haver? Clearly it was never a goal. And I’ve been moaning about it for two years on this blog, and now, as I get a little older and more frustrated with it, I start to think that I really wasted serious opportunity with a stellar dermatologist. Seriously. F*** My Zits and F*** my absurd teenage ideology. Turn 20 this month, you know. Time to quit acting like a stubborn 9 year old.


I’m Wistful for Some Helmet Acne

What an opening weekend to the college football season. Mags and I hooked up on Thursday night to watch Wisconsin destroy UNLV, and then on Saturday, I went hopping for spot to spot with my roommate and few new friends to view some games. My roommate is actually from Oregon. Well, was raised there, but his family moved to Colorado a couple years ago. He’s a Ducks fan. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I didn’t think Oregon had a chance against the LSU defense. The special teams play leaned heavily toward the SEC squad – I thought that might be the equalizer, but clearly one team was much better than the other.

I explained to him that I could empathize. It was a handful of years ago, but LSU came to Arizona, and we had them down, only to see the Tigers come back and thump us in the waning moments of the game.

All this football, and I’m aching to get geared up. Dare I say it? I miss helmet acne? No. I’m not that big of doof, but I do miss the helmet. I’m so jones’d for the Cardinals season. I really think we’ve got a good shot to take the West and get back into the playoffs. I love that we locked Larry in for the long haul. I think he may aid in making Kevin Kolb a Pro-Bowl QB. Goodness. Larry Fitzgerald could make me look like a legitimate threat at QB.

So. Yes. It was a good weekend. A bit of a blur. Classes are going well. Maggie and I did some hiking with some new friends this weekend, and after a stressful beginning, she and her roommate are actually starting to hit it off. Things generally aren’t as they seem when you begin something under stressful circumstances, and it seemed that her roomie was more stressed about her parents than anything else. I’ve had those friends with those parents. It’s not that they don’t allow their kids freedom, they just want to participate in everything with their kids. Bad news.

Any parents reading this? Don’t do that.

Broken Heart

I didn’t realize how much I cared until it was over. It was really fun while it lasted. Don’t know that I’ve ever cried so much. Completely unexpected.

As you may have guessed–we were knocked out of the run to the state crown. Just heartbreaking. It happened on last Thursday, and it’s still tough realizing that we came up short. We didn’t play our best, and our opponent played out of their minds. All the breaks bounced their way. It was tight from the opening kick, and in the end we had a chance to tie and win it with the PAT, but we couldn’t get the job done. They came blitz, blitz, blitz and on 4th down we ran a draw that gained about 18 yards on a 4th and 20. It was brutal. Their home field got us. No excuses, though. We had our opportunities and didn’t take advantage.

A lot of guys didn’t come to school on Friday. That’s not my Modus Operandi. I came. Bloodshot eyes, dehydrated, sore as a mofo…a little bit soul sick even. All I really wanted to do on Thursday night was curl up into a ball next to Maggie, but I think it was appropriate that I wasn’t really able to lean on anyone in the aftermath. Just share some memories with teammates on the way back home. It was a long bus ride. I felt sick to my stomach for most of it. Just thinking. What more could I have done? If I would have done this, then would we have done that? What if we would have…? The magic if, huh?

So. It’s Tuesday. I’m feeling much better physically. I must say that something must have happened with all those tears, because I woke up with better looking skin the next day, then on Saturday I went to work and it looked better than it has in quite sometime.

That’s all I’ve really got to offer today. I could talk about the epic failure of the Arizona Cardinals and how sorry I feel for Larry Fitzgerald, Early Doucet, Steve Breaston and the other offensive weapons who can’t touch the ball because of Derek Anderson’s ineptitude, but I think maybe I’ve said all I need to say about that.

By the Margin of a Thin Zit…

We escaped our first close game of the season. 13-6. Whew. Seriously. I could feel my whole body tingling with adrenalin during our final drive that sealed it. Sure, it was tied 6-6, and with some decent clock management and a couple first downs we could have easily just forced overtime, but the last thing you want to do on the road is find yourself in an overtime battle.

We literally scored on our first drive. Just a FG, but it’s was because we muffed the snap on a 3rd and short. We were really moving the ball against them. They answered with a FG, and then the defensive battle ensued. They hit another chip shot after a great kick return to begin the second half, then we answered. The rest of the 3rd, and nearly all of the 4th quarters were stalemate. Both of us literally stuck around the middle of the field. At that point, you could tell some of our younger guys were getting impatient. Trying to do too much – create too much.

We forced them to punt with just under 4 minutes on the clock, and then they started mixing their defensive schemes. I caught a quick slant on 3rd and about 7, on a check from a blitz, and I got the first down. Then we pounded a couple times off center for a few yards. Our QB scrambled for another first down on 3rd and 5 and we were getting closer to being in business.

At this point there was just under two minutes left. Keep in mind that the clock just runs in high school football at the two minute mark. Their defensive backs were really physical, and were bumping at the line so we set ’em up with a quick hitch to the left, then one to the right and by this point we were about at their 35. We then ran the same thing with a double move, and the corner bit hard on the pump. He put it up over the top on the outside, and the safety was late getting over – one broken tackle, and TD, with 43 seconds left.

We kicked deep, pinned them deep, and they couldn’t mount anything work mentioning. It was awesome. I have three zits today that started showing up during that last drive, I swear.

Trouble Sleeping

I think practices are punching me into the zone…the second wind. I come home around 7:00 and I’m amped. Ready to go again. Then, all of the sudden, it’s 10 p.m and I’m writing on this blog. Contemplating everything in life from what it will be like to be married and have kids some day, to my current children, my zits. Well, they’re not my children… they’re like neighbors’ children. Neighbors’ children who you never like it when they come over. They always break something, or suppose it’s cool to boss you around in your own house. My youngers have some friends like that who try and tell me what to do when they come over here…legitimately. I wish I had the nuts to tie them in a chair and put them outside with a sign that says, “FREE.”

School was a different world today. A lot of my old buddies who don’t play football were grinning from ear to ear when they saw me. Dude this and dude that, all impressed that I can catch a football, I guess. I have one friend who has always been like a rock of a supporter to me. He’s not that into sports, but kind of likes football, I guess. He said that he’s going to come to every game now that I’m on the team. I never planned to be an ambassador for organized violence, but I kind of dig the newfound glory.

I’m going back to the dermatologist this week to discuss the sports acne breakouts. After doing a little research it seems as if I’m in a large percentage who deal with helmet acne, chin-strap zits and the likes. Actually my chin strap pad has helped immensely. I ordered two more, so I never have a dirty one on my helmet. What I’m worried about is my shoulders and neck and stuff. I don’t want funky lesions on my skin that are annoyed, underground zits.

In other news, my gal started school today. She seems to be doing well. She’s laser focused on delivering academic excellence, and I think she’s raising the bar for me to be right there beside her. Her schedule is a little tougher than mine, but I worked through a lot of upper level classes last year. Yeah. I totally have two P.E. related classes and a film class this year, but I can already tell that film class is gonna be tough. Yes. We started Gone With the Wind today… and just saying that has made me sleepy.


Kind of Bored Today

Am I a glutton for punishment? I have the day off, and I really don’t know what to do – I’d rather be working. I’ve made it a whopping 10 hours so far, but only about 1.5 while being awake. I thought it would be fun to imagine into the not-so-distant future and contemplate my life, my face without as many zits and boldly predict what exactly I’ll be doing in mid-Decemeber. I started proclaiming “F My Zits!” last mid-December, so I think it’s a good day to choose. I suppose I need to get specific, here, huh?

December 17, 2010 … I’m not gonna look at a calendar. I’m just throwin’ stuff out there. Decemeber 17th, 2010, will be an unseasonably warm day, a Tuesday, and I’ll be preparing for a final while drinking a fruit and protein smoothie with strawberries and blueberries as the main ingredient. As I take a break from studying, I’ll decide I need to pee, when I’ll head into the bathroom and glance at my face in the mirror on the way to the nearest urinal. My skin is looking much better. After several months of a solid skin care program, and surviving the wear and tear of a football season, my face is looking…remarkably better…hot cakes.

The college decision before Christmas will have become a little more difficult as a great football season will gather interest from some schools interested in me  a as a walk-on, or playing for a small scholarship with the opportunity for growth. I’ll be excited to go to Madison again for Christmas, talking my parents into making it two years in a row. We will finally enjoy a big get together with Maggie’s family, so everyone can shake their head and roll their eyes at their “two crazy kids.” Again, my face will be remarkably better.

Keep in mind these are thoughts about what it will be like on December 17, when I’ll have thoughts of other things that will happen in the future from the 17th of December.

Looking at the calendar, it looks like December 17th is a Friday. There you have it…if you’ve always wondered, zits do not equate to clairvoyance or any gypsy-like ability to see into the future.