I’m Melting up in This Mother

It’s hot. Why am I noticing that this year more than ever? I must be getting old. Only old people talk about the weather. Youth doesn’t complain, they find the joy in it. Perhaps I need to take a day off, since this was my 6th day on in a row. Yeah, I know that’s not ridiculous for a working professional, but I’m a recent high school grad. I should be screwing around and stuff.

I think I’m gonna go catch a late flic. I got my online application in at a local theater. Hopefully I’ll get called in for an interview within the next week. It’d be awesome to have the job for all of June and July.

Yep. Just got a text from my QB, and fellow zit brother, and we’re gonna go see Hangover II. Don’t know whether I’m excited or trying to avoid the over-hype of this movie. I enjoyed the first one, but I wouldn’t say I loved it or thought it was as great as everyone made it out to be. Yes. It was funny, but it was far from being the funniest movie I have ever seen.¬†I still haven’t seen Thor, so we may double feature and catch ’em both tonight. That is the way I roll.

Maggie is going to come out here for a couple weeks in late June, then we’re going to fly back to Madison together for 4th of July and such…that should be pretty enjoyable. We’ve never taken a big trip, just the two of us, so it should be fun…you know…watching TSA fondle my woman. What can I say – I can’t blame them for doing so…I’d certainly find a way to put her on the list if I were a TSA douche. That’s really mean. I know people in the TSA are just doing their jobs. It’s just unfortunate that their jobs are completely illegal a lot of the time, and they get to hide behind an iron-on badge patch.

My Day

I’m taking a personal day.

The little sibs are still in school, so I got up early with them, and decided I’d fill my day with a bunch of nothing. I rarely just get the whole house to myself to do whatever I prefer. So, I’ve got three movies set aside, as well as a pile of video games that I haven’t played in awhile…if something can hold my attention for more than 20 minutes, I’ll be surprised.

I’m a high school graduate. Congratulations. Thanks. It does feel nice to have it out of the way. I never hated school. I had no drama this year, other than the episode at the the pep rally back in football season that landed me in ISS. Geez. How stupid was that?

My face is looking good. Better than what it normally looks like. Still chasing that stellar skin, but no dramatic zit stories for the past couple of weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got attacked by a few in the next couple of weeks when I start to freak out about what exactly I’m going to do once July rolls around. Am I going to move to Durango, or stay here and just go traditional route. I’ve got to make that decision very soon, or it may be made for me. Not a fan of obligation – I like my choices.

Poor Mags hasn’t even declared where she’s going to school yet. She says she’s going for sure once the fall rolls around, but I told her that it wouldn’t be the end of the world to start in January. I think I offended her. I just know she’s frustrated, and it’s not something worth being frustrated about.

OK. It’s my personal day, so nothing heavy – for a day. Time to watch some old school Jim Carrey, eat crappy food that tastes delicious, starting with this bag of chocolate frosted donettes, and then…see where the mid-morning leads me.

T-Minus 30:00:00

30ish hours ’til the big moment.

Can I confess something? This isn’t really that big of a deal to me. I know it’ll be nice – a nice moment – but I’m just not incredibly excited. I look around at my peers, and classmates, and there are a lot of them, and I’m just not on the same page as they are. So many of us have similar interest and goals of moving on and achieving something, but I don’t even have a clue of what I want to “profess” as my career. Not a clue. I was talking to my dad late last night… we stayed up and watched Major League and talked ’til 2 a.m., and I asked him if he ever had that moment where everything just clicked. His response: Nope. Still haven’t. Is that disappointing?

It wasn’t. It was refreshing. I consider my pops highly successful, more so as a person, and I guess I’m learning that’s how I measure success. I certainly don’t measure it based on my zitty face. Unless zits equate to success, then I might very well be in the 1% that so many people aspire to. Me. The one percent. Makes a zitty fella smile.

Actually, my face has decided to cooperate a bit this week. I think it’s because this week is the first breath that I’ve enjoyed since Christmas vacation. Really, I have not one care in the world. I would say I feel lucky for that, but I think it’s bigger than luck. I like the word blessing – I guess it’s how I was raised.

I am actually looking forward to the graduation party to follow the ceremony. It is hosted by the school, and they’ve got a lot of local sponsorships, prizes, etc., so it should be an enjoyable time – what can I say, I’m a sucker for free food outside the norm. Of course it won’t be attended by all, but so long as I don’t have to hear about some idiot doing something stupid and ending up dead or in a coma, I hope everyone enjoys their graduation how they see fit.

My Last Week of High School

Maybe it would seem a bigger deal if I hadn’t already sealed it almost a year ago. No big finals, nothing major planned for the week. Some family coming in on Wednesday, and our actual commencement ceremony is on Thursday. Big breath. Yeah, I feel ready. The time just flies. Maggie graduated on Friday. I was really hopeful to be there, but clearly things changed with my extra curricular activities this spring.

This week will consist of going through the motions. Did I fail to mention…? Our State Track Meet aka the AIA State Championship was this weekend? Yeah. Saturday was a huge day in the story of F*** My Zits.

Yeah. Say I’m superstitious. I just didn’t want to mention anything until the deed was done. It went well. Almost the sweetest taste in my mouth, though I’ll definitely take silver. Yep. Got second. It was an incredible race. I’m still kind of in disbelief, because everything has been such a whirlwind over the past few months. Honestly, it still feels like mid-March, not mid-May. I asked my mom if there was a pause button to just enjoy the moments a little bit longer… Her reply: Um. No. Let me know if you ever find one.

So. The track experiment? It was possibly more successful than the football experiment. My year in review. I went from spectator to true competitor. I was always playing sports with friends and just on my own at parks, on the weekends, but to be challenged like that? To push beyond a threshold to a level I didn’t realize I possessed – I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. It was win-win, and I did… I won a lot. Now I’ll get to train at altitude living in Durango. It’s 6,500 feet there. Definitely want to buy a nice mountain bike with some of my graduation funds.

My face? Well. It’s looking more and more like some zits are going to accompany on the next leg of my journey. And oh, ouch… I just bent my leg to get comfortable, only to feel pain. After the medal ceremony at the meet this weekend, a teammate came to give me a really high five. I thought it’d be funny to not jump and catch him midair – unfortunately, his knee drove right into my thigh. Deep thigh bruise. That’s what you call pure dumbassery.

Another Gun, Another Gold

Track meet last night. Another enjoyable race. Led from the get, and just put it on cruise. Not a mentionable time. It just didn’t take much to win it. I’ve been doing my time. Pushing hard in my own road work. Have been running in the morning, and then working with the sprinters a lot in the afternoon at track practice. I know people consider this a middle distance race, but the goal is to be able to pretty much run it in a top gear for two straight laps.

If you’re a fan of sports you might hear trainers, coaches and athletes talking about speed work as gears. Having that 4th, 5th and 6th gear? So, my training is basically working my body to be able to run in gears 4 and 5 for two laps, and then hit whatever is left of gear 6 to win every race. But to hit gear 6, you need to have a gear 6, so that’s why it is necessary to train with sprinters.

I miss Mags. How can I not? Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. And I’m not trying to mislead anyone in thinking that we don’t argue or have tiffs and all that stuff – we’re two opinionated, feisty people. I still don’t know what I’m going to do for the summer. Maggie still hasn’t made a decision on school for next fall. We’d like to spend some time together this summer, but I also kind of wanted to maybe try to get over to Colorado a bit early. My parents have talked about getting me a place to live for the summer – and then I could look into some local employment.

Shit, people. Excuse me. Sorry. I’m just realizing all the decisions I need to make in the next 6 weeks. Holy crap. I’m overwhelmed. Thank God for track right now. How impressive is that? I’m thanking God and dropping the $ bomb in the same paragraph. I think that makes me a stereotypical teen. Or…a human being. Yep. Here come the zits.

Hours Away

I don’t know if it has been my diligence in all aspects of life these days, but those two chin zits seemed to just stop by for an overnighter. They’re still kind of visible, but they’re gonna be gone by Saturday, easy. I’m excited about that. I won the 800m last night. Ran it in 1:59. There was a lot of wind, and I won it walking away. My sights are set on Friday, where awesome dude will be once again. And it’s time. I learned something this week that I didn’t know yet. He has never lost a race in the 800m. Friends who ran against him in AAU, said that they’ve never seen him lose, and know he hasn’t lost in high school. He ran a 1:55 to win state last year. So. I think it’s time to make a statement as we move into May.

OK. I’m about to explode I’m so excited to see Maggie. Going so long, I just wanna stare at her for awhile. I’m gonna pick her up and then I’m going to take her out for some dinner. She loves Mexican food. As you could probably guess, we’ve got that market on lock here when compared to Madison, WI.

So. I’ve been asked, and I figured I’d share a bit about how that works when Maggie comes to stay with us. No. We do not sleep in the same room. Yes, we do stay up late, but I’ll need to get some good rest both tonight and on Thursday night. Basically, my little sister is kicked to my little brother’s room and everyone is cool with it. My sibs love Maggie. LOVE her. They think she IS sliced bread. That she IS ice cream. I think my little bro has a crush on her, and I certainly know that the few friends she has met out here certainly wish she would bring a friend along. What can I say. I’m steady with girl who is much better looking than I am. In all fairness, I can’t imagine myself without zits. I might be good looking someday.


I could feel it coming on, but oh, man, it’s here. Thank God I’m running track. More on that in another post. Right now I have to talk about how lazy I’ve become in all other aspects of life. I’m just itchy. I’m itchy like a zit that lingers after poppage. After scabbage. I just wanna take off running and keep running until I’m interested enough in something to make me stop and look at it for awhile.

My school work is a cake walk. I literally spend my days looking through classes available at Fort Lewis so I’ll have several to choose from when I register this summer. It’s just time to move on, you know? It has been a wonderful ride, and I think back and remember all the crazy stuff that has happened in the past four years, but I guess my mindset has always been geared beyond that. Like, when I graduate in May, it’s not going to be anything special. It won’t be some symbolic bridge…not to me, at least.

I miss Maggie. I’d be lying if I said things were great between us. We’ve discussed a number of things, and it’s just hard being away from people you share basically everything with. We’re both planning to work during our spring break’s so we can spend some cash traveling to one another for graduations and stuff.

The only thing I’m enjoying about school right now is the social element. Lunch is what I look forward to on a daily basis. My skin? H to the e to the LL no, it doesn’t make me want to look in the mirror. Not pleasant or pretty these days. Nope. Not even enjoying my movie class right now. Some parents were complaining about the subject matter we were taking in, so you can pretty much scrap any edgy stuff that isn’t completely formulaic. Fortunately, in April, we’re going to have two weeks of Terrence Malick’s stuff, and I think I’ll come around by then.

Senioritis is about as enjoyable as¬†tonsillitis, but probably not as bad as epididymitis. One of my buddy’s had that and had to stay in the hospital for two days with a catheter. Just saying that makes my weenis hurt. That’s some perspective for ya.