Victim of Statistics

Got in a freakin’ car accident today. The rush of adrenalin was overwhelming. I know my face will be suffering the consequences of this one. Anyway, no real damage to my car…actually it’s my grandpa’s. No damage, but Maggie was with me, and it scared the crap out of her. I think the person who hit us was texting, and just bumped us pretty good in the rear bumper. It was a mom, and she was rattled, and I tried to stay cool about it, but she didn’t know what to do. Her car was pretty dinged, and I told her if she wanted to we could call the police, or we could just exchange insurance information, which we did.

I guess that’s the way it goes. When you get behind the wheel I guess you will eventually have an accident. At least statistics suggest such. Anyway, I told my grandpa, and he came out and looked and said he couldn’t even tell anything happened to the car, so he called the lady and told her that he wasn’t going to file a claim. Still, it’s kind of a bummer to end the Christmas vacation like this. Just thought I’d share. And I’m sure I’ll share about my zits that develop from it in the very near future.

OK. Time to pack. A few have asked about wedding dates. We’re not there, yet. We’ll talk as the semester progresses, but we’re thinking a winter wedding around next Christmas. We’re also both staying in Durango, and staying in school through the summer, we’ll probably finish in about 3.5 years. Well, 3 years from now. Just gonna depend on a lot of things…well, maybe a few things.


I Knew These Zits Meant Something…

I had to turn around and head back to Arizona this weekend. Strange unfolding of circumstances. It was like my body knew it before it happened. My face broke out, pretty bad. Probably all the traveling and excess around Thanksgiving. Wow. Thanksgiving already seems like it was months ago. Last Monday I got a call that my grandma, not the one in Wisconsin – rather Arizona, was not doing very well – turned out that was an understatement. She died later that night.

I pushed through classes M – TR, and then hopped back in the car and went back to Phoenix Thursday afternoon. Maggie had a bunch of stuff planned, and I didn’t want her to cancel, so she stayed. She had met this grandma, but I dunno, I just didn’t see the point of dragging her down there.

So. Now, apparently, my zits are prophetic. When something bad is gonna happen they get gnarly. I get back home, and my little brother says to me, “You look like hell…” Thanks, little man. That’s how it goes, I suppose. The siblings will always tell you the truth as they see it.

Our relationship with this grandma had been a little strained. Very unfortunate, actually. My Dad’s mom. He took it tough. My grandparents divorced when I was really young. My dad kind of took sides. Of course the relationship continued to exist with both parties, but where my grandpa stayed in our lives until he passed away several years ago, my grandma was only here and there. With us going to Wisconsin nearly every Christmas it just offered for a strange dynamic. So. To say the least, I’m sure there’s a boat load of stories that I’ve missed, and the second side to the story of what happened with my pops and grams.

Happy to be back. Ready for finals to begin! Let’s get it on. …and f*** these zits!

A New Low…

Ever get in an argument with a teacher? Like a real argument, where both sides have valid points, but both sides are also so fired up that absolutely nothing gets accomplished… Had a monster blow up today with my English teacher. We were discussing some literature, and I shared my opinion and felt quite patronized by the response. Instead of letting it die there, I took a shot under my breath, and yes, it wasn’t really under my breath – it was quite audible. It was a terrible comment, I’m quite ashamed of it, and I’m not going to repeat it.

So, some of the class gasps, all the guys laugh and made it worse by vocal appreciation, then the gloves came off. “I can’t believe such a rude comment would come out of the mouth of such a good student.”

“I can’t believe such a good teacher would patronize someone who shares a difference of opinion.” We were never screaming, but man, I felt awful. I could tell she did, too. I never stood or became threatening (I don’t know that I could be threatening), and we’re both the same personality type, so I think it’ll blow over…but how I got away with it, I have no idea. I just emailed her and apologized. I blamed my zits. Seriously. Told her they had set me off this week and I was in “hating the world mode.” She’s young and feisty, and is the teacher all the guys wish they could get with, if you know what I’m saying – kind of the basis of my off-color comment. So. Just thought I’d share.


I’m so happy the weekend is here, and it’s of the 3 day variety. I will go hard on Sunday, scream and yell during the Super Bowl (is that redundant?), laugh at the commercials, drink way too much Henry Weinhard’s root beer, and then I’ll do absolutely nothing on Monday.

My project, you ask? It’s going well. I’m kind of over it, however. It would be one thing if I was getting paid to do the research, but bottom line, at this point, the more interest I take in it, the less time I have to do other things, like sleep.

I’m considering running track this spring. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions? I participated in Jr. High, but didn’t really like any of the events we could choose from. I’ve always thought the triple jump looked really interesting…or painful. Anyway, just something that’s running through my mind. Pun intended. I’m jonesing for some peanut butter cookies now! Enjoy the game everyone. See you on the flip side unless something incredible happens first!