Super 8

Now I wanna buy a Super 8mm camera, and maybe something cool will happen to me. I’m such a bore. Yeah. It’s noonish. It was that much of a must see for me. In fact, I went by myself. My boys who were supposed to join me completely flaked, because they went to a party last night that apparently ended with a Denny’s breakfast this morning.

I almost made an appearance. I love throwing down, but when I venture into that territory I pay for it dearly with the extreme outbreaks of vicious zits. It’s like they feed off the fuel of the synergy in a party atmosphere. I do suppose they’re partying on my face.

Super 8. Did I like it? Let’s say I’m going again with the whole family tonight. After seeing it, I bought tickets for the whole gang. My Dad is going to wig out. It’s going to make him so nostalgic. I can already predict the post-viewing conversations on the way home. Same with my Mom. The siblings? I don’t know. Their tickets were cheaper than a babysitter, and this is my way of trying to allow them into my world. I think parts of it will probably scare the crap out of my little sister, but, it’s a ride worth going on.

I don’t want to say too much about it. Though I’m sure you’ve caught wind by now. I will just say that it is definitely worth seeing in the theater. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that I want to be involved in the entertainment industry in some way, shape or form. Either that or an astronaut who sacrifices life here on earth to just go as far as I can go into space as is possible in my lifetime left. Maybe I would find the theoretical wormhole and end up in another dimension or something. I just ripped off 2001: A Space Odyssey, didn’t I? I knew I had seen that before in my head. Dang.

Who Wants to be a Thousandaire?

Goodness. I see what everyone means by this being the time to get the work in. No bills. No rent. No mortgage. No real financial responsibility. You can just work and save money. That. Is. Awesome… Screw that, this is awesome!!! I’ve been laying some serious time, not making a serious wage, but you add a little overtime to the mix and you’re making more than you anticipated. I gotta be careful, though… If I start making too much, they’ll ask me to cut back, or try and get me to start selling cars.

My zits. Dang. I don’t know. It’s like I’ll have 3 good days then a bad day. Or a 5 good days and then 5 bad days. At least I’m consistent. Consistently zitty. Whatever. I have lived with it, and I suppose I’ll just continue to do so. If I’m completely honest, it’s starting to wear on me a bit. Did I mention anything about my last doctor’s appointment? I really don’t have any severe acne problems, like cystic acne, etc. so I just told her, “Hey, I’m gonna quit with these check-ups and such…it’s gonna do what it’s gonna do.” She was cool with it. Said that so long as I’m attempting to manage it and that I don’t have issues with cystic acne, I should be alright.

Enough of it. I have no fun stories about explosive zits or anything–OH, you know? There was that solar flare yesterday, and the story I read on it described it as a pimple, exploding from the surface of the sun. Hilarious. Everyone loves pimples when they’re not their own.

Saw X-Men: First Class. I enjoyed it. I think the hype was way overblown. People comparing it to Batman Begins? Not even close. Listen, people, if there’s one thing I know like my zits, it’s movies. First Class was very entertaining, but not even close to approaching the depth of Nolan’s Batman series… What I’m amped about is Super8, which opens tomorrow. I’ve been looking forward to it since the Super Bowl when I caught the first trailer! Ah, summer.

Another Late One…

Something About Mary is on FX. Is anyone else watching it? Haha. What’s my deal? It’s like something big is on the horizon or something. I really don’t even feel that tired. So. I thought I’d write. I’m amped about the meet tomorrow. Don’t think a lack of sleep will help too much, but I’ll just leave a note for my mom that I’m going to sleep in, and then I’ll head into school mid-morning. Sounds terrible, huh? That’s the way it is when you’ve accomplished everything you need to graduate.

This is one reason why I’m looking forward to “real life.” There’s always that something on the horizon, you know? I don’t think I’ll ever retire. I think I get that from my Dad. I can’t ever see him completely retiring. He’ll probably start a new career at 70.

So. My face. Remember how I brought it up last night? Well, I woke up today/yesterday with a bright and shiny developing on my chin. Absolute zit gold. I can call ’em like no other. I know a lot of people decide to go into a professional field due to inspiration during their youth. You’d think I might go into dermatology, but I covet the day that I never see a zit on my face again. Covet. That’s an old fashioned word, huh? I pick out a word a day from the dictionary. Some stick and some don’t. Covet didn’t come from the dictionary, rather the bible…just remember asking as a kid, “What does covet mean?” And not really getting any answer – instead, a long discussion.

So. Tomorrow’s goal in the 800m. 2:00. Flat. Like I said, I’m gonna push dude at a pace that I think he’ll struggle to cook at, and then just see if I can hang on. I think I’m really falling in love with this running thing. If I had the skin of a Nutrogena model, I might be the happiest boy-man in the world.

Trouble Sleeping

I think practices are punching me into the zone…the second wind. I come home around 7:00 and I’m amped. Ready to go again. Then, all of the sudden, it’s 10 p.m and I’m writing on this blog. Contemplating everything in life from what it will be like to be married and have kids some day, to my current children, my zits. Well, they’re not my children… they’re like neighbors’ children. Neighbors’ children who you never like it when they come over. They always break something, or suppose it’s cool to boss you around in your own house. My youngers have some friends like that who try and tell me what to do when they come over here…legitimately. I wish I had the nuts to tie them in a chair and put them outside with a sign that says, “FREE.”

School was a different world today. A lot of my old buddies who don’t play football were grinning from ear to ear when they saw me. Dude this and dude that, all impressed that I can catch a football, I guess. I have one friend who has always been like a rock of a supporter to me. He’s not that into sports, but kind of likes football, I guess. He said that he’s going to come to every game now that I’m on the team. I never planned to be an ambassador for organized violence, but I kind of dig the newfound glory.

I’m going back to the dermatologist this week to discuss the sports acne breakouts. After doing a little research it seems as if I’m in a large percentage who deal with helmet acne, chin-strap zits and the likes. Actually my chin strap pad has helped immensely. I ordered two more, so I never have a dirty one on my helmet. What I’m worried about is my shoulders and neck and stuff. I don’t want funky lesions on my skin that are annoyed, underground zits.

In other news, my gal started school today. She seems to be doing well. She’s laser focused on delivering academic excellence, and I think she’s raising the bar for me to be right there beside her. Her schedule is a little tougher than mine, but I worked through a lot of upper level classes last year. Yeah. I totally have two P.E. related classes and a film class this year, but I can already tell that film class is gonna be tough. Yes. We started Gone With the Wind today… and just saying that has made me sleepy.


My Brain is Tied in a Tired Knot

I’m so tired, people. I am absolutely exhausted. I’ve been up too early and have been going to bed too late – I don’t see how you pull this off as often as you’re supposed to in college. I can already see it. I’ll be a weekend warrior. Get it rollin’ on Friday night, hard all day Saturday, recuperate on Sunday and hard at work Monday – Friday’s noonish.

Zitty Research

I’ve been working pretty hard on my project, and after getting a green light without divulging what exactly it is that I’m doing, I had a progress report with my teacher on Monday…yesterday… is it only still Tuesday? Cripes. Anyway, to say that my teacher was impressed would be a mega-understatement. On the role of these dice, I’ve blown his mind. At first he just laughed, and then when I smiled but simply nodded, he had no choice but to understand that I was dead serious. Then I shared some of early findings. So… I think I can pretty much bank on an A, so long as I bring the goods and finish strong.

Oh zits, I knew that deep down, our hate for one another was actually a misunderstood passion. We are one. Uno. I won’t miss you when you’re gone, but I will smile and think fondly of things you’ve offered to me. In the meantime, and especially this week, it seems you’re in full force…and quite honestly, you’re hurting my face, so if you could take a step back and let a feller breathe, I’d appreciate it…and I need some rest…need it!

Oscar Nominations

Overall I was quite pleased with the Oscar nods…and what did I say about Maggie Gyllenhaal??? I told you I was on the money about her performance in Crazy Heart, and that she had been shafted at every other awards ceremony this year!!! (That doesn’t sound quite right, does it?) Let the record show the date of my post, stating that it was some of her best work I’ve ever seen (though she’s so hot and creepy in Cecil B. Demented). And now I can stop ogling over Peter Sarsgaard’s lady… Speaking of Sarsgaard, An Education got a nod for Best Picture. I still haven’t seen it, but I will, and I love that they’re opening the category back up like it used to be in the Golden Age of Cinema…holy CRAP I’m a dork. Everyone was already asking my advice on picks and stuff at school, and while I think I’m somewhat cool because of it, no such coolness factor will register with the right people until I’m long out of this place… The zitty faced kid who knows everything about movies – that’s who I am. And you know what? I can roll with it. By the way, Mystery’s name is Maggie, too. She’s a Margaret and goes by Maggie, and is a huge Maggie Gyllenhaal fan…

Goodnight. I’m done.

Something Light to Get the Weekend Mindset…

Last night I saw Crazy Heart, starring Jeff Bridges. I still believe the “Dude/Jeffery Lebowski” from The Big Lebowski is his finest work, but wow, this film was absolutely beautiful. No. I’m not going to review it, but I will say that the music was so enjoyable, and I’m really surprised Maggie Gyllenhaal hasn’t gotten more press for her work. I thought she was outstanding – very complex…and totally hot. And Colin Farrell didn’t even annoy me, so it was wins across the board…Robert Duvall was just as great as you’d think he would be – I’m really into him right now after a recent viewing of Apocalypse Now. I also watched Full Metal Jacket recently, and though it isn’t the “achievement” Apocalypse is, I enjoy it more. AND for fans of LOST, Christian Shepard, actor John Terry, is totally a commanding officer in Vietnam.


Oscar season is nearly here, and I am a true nerd when it comes to the awards. Yes, I’ll be offering a post with my official picks, and I’m secure in what I state, so if you’re entering a pool, or perhaps betting online, I do offer good advice. Crap. Now, I’ve gotta throw a few things out there. Let’s start here: Why Avatar will win Best Picture even though it isn’t the best movie that was released in 2009. You know what, I’m going to wait on that. But here’s a hint – it’s the Academy of Arts and SCIENCES.

Has everyone donated something to Haiti? What? Don’t have any money? How about old clothes or personal goods that could be offered to the Red Cross in the relief effort? Honestly, people, whatever you can. I have no real money, but whatever I give I know I’ll make back before those poor people will every be able to use all of what was offered. There I go sounding like I’m the center of the universe again, but I think you understand what I’m saying, right? It’s not a destitute nation, it’s a destitute culture. My hope is that from this tragedy a new culture develops. Much like what has happened in New Orleans. This is far worse for obvious reasons, but blessings can really come from tragedy. Now, here’s my soapbox, you can take it and recycle it…and donate the money to the Haiti relief effort!

Last but not least. Research takes me into the weekend. I’m drinking more water and serving as my own test subject. How’s that for a subjective bias in a variable?