No Snow Just Makes Winter…Cold.

I was really hoping for some significant snowfall while in Madison, but right now, it’s just cold. No white blanket, but wonderful kith and kin, and a tree that is most worthy of a Griswold family Christhmaths. Seriously, the tree at my grandparent’s house is ridiculous. I was the first person to see it, and my grandmother’s first words: “Do you think it’s too big?”

Nice to see you too, grandmother.

Anyway. It’s cold here. Not a lot going on. My cousin and I have been hanging out a bit, but I’ve honestly spent most of my time between my grandparent’s place and Maggie’s place. I’ve been here all of 36 hours, you know?

My face, you ask? My face? Never ask a woman her age or weight, and don’t ask me about my face. It’s fine. You know, it’s crazy. I am rapidly approaching the two year anniversary of beginning this blog, and dating Maggie. Two years. I can still remember the chair I was sitting in when I started writing all of these joyous gems. So many things have changed and yet, my zits remain…not the same…but they’re always around for the party. I’ll get to see my aunt tonight. The one who knows of this blog and has followed it for the last couple of years.

What’s next in year three? Honestly, I would hope for clearer skin. Not that I wanna stop writing about my visitors of the acne bacterial variety, but I think I’ve paid my dues. I’m seriously ready to move on. At present I’m just stoked because Derek Anderson left town and has never returned. Though he did leave some stuff in his rental house. That honestly may be one of the worst things about zits. Their residual nature. Just sucks.

OK. Enough. Time for a Choxie truffle!


Christmas Time is Here…

Finals: Complete. Bags: Packed. Girlfriend: Hot.

So. I mentioned a movie and celebration yesterday after Maggie’s final, but when I mentioned a hot shower, I thought of Trimble Hot Springs. Wait. Let me back up. I was going to take a hot shower, then I thought, “I should just take her to the hot springs,” which I did. As a surprise. And it was amazing. I mean amazing. There’s just something so enjoyable about being in the hot springs pools when the weather is like 20 degrees out, and the snow is falling. Come on! Definitely have to do that again. I can’t remember the last time I slept so good.

So. Yep. We’re getting geared up to head out. I’m working tonight, then we’re gonna drive down to Albuquerque tomorrow to fly out. We get into Madison fairly late, but it’s going to give me a few days with my grandparents before the rest of my family gets to town. I’ll also get to spend some time with Maggie’s family, and some of our mutual friends. My cousin is actually going to pick us up from the airport. He is no longer with Maggie’s best friend, but from what I understand, everything was amicable. I know he was totally cool with her being with some other dude that she met this fall, so I guess that’s how life works.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, and eating and watching bowl games and hopefully winning another Rose Bowl bet vs. Maggie this year. She’s far too loyal to the Badgers.

OK. I gotta put some tinted acne cream on my gaudy zits, and get to work!

Shot by an Air Soft Rifle

I look like I’ve been hammered by an airsoft rifle. My face is struggling. I’ve had pretty bad bouts with acne before, but it has never been as stubborn as a whole, as it has this week. I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe the change in environments over the past couple of weeks. Arizona to altitude, dry air and all that stuff. I was reading about seasonal acne, and I wish I could say that I suffer from that, but mine is around pretty much all year. It gets like this…just wears me out.

I’ve gotta work tonight, and I really don’t care to be in the public eye when my face is looking like I’ve been pelted at close range with air soft BBs. Just not a fan. I can wear a hat at work, and at least it’s dark in there, but I don’t like wearing a hat. That just makes everything worse, and it hurts my head by the end of the night.

Self admittedly, I haven’t been taking very good care of my face lately, either. That’s just kind of the way it goes sometimes. A lot to juggle, considering the past week. And the Cardinals are starting to play some good football, so I think I’m a little annoyed with them, too. Seriously, they couldn’t figure some of this nonsense out earlier this season? They could be in legitimate playoff contention! Technically they’re not out of it…oh geez, listen to me…I sound like a desperate, cigarette weathered and withered slot jockey in Las Vegas…not out of it. Next thing you know, I’ll be saying that they can take San Francisco at home this weekend and pull to within one game of .500.

This post is ending now. Before I lay the foundation for another zitty bombardment.

Oh, My Zits. How I’ve Neglected Thee

It has been too long since I’ve offered appropriate props to the disease so known and hated as Acne Vulgaris. It is vulgar. Just nasty.

You ever think about other people with zits? I do. I wonder about the worst case of acne that has ever existed. It’s almost hard to imagine. Just when you think you’ve seen bad acne, you’ll come across something that is ever worse. I’m not going to play the bridge to the links and photos of some of the worst acne ever, but some poor people are literally so infected with acne – and that’s what it is, an infection – that they just won’t go out in public. Instead of skin that is fighting acne it is like the skin has become completely overwhelmed with acne sores. Like, cystic acne sores. It’s really sad. I don’t know what you would do about such a severe problem.

While I’ve become exhausted with my acne at times, I can say that it comes and goes. It’s mild to moderate. It just never really, fully goes away. I can admit that I haven’t really ever offered anything consistent in terms of treatment. I’ll get two weeks in and still be experiencing the same here today, gone tomorrow, back the next day acne that I’ve had for a few years now. Ugh. So annoying that I can really say “a few years now.”

I was talking one of my cousins in L.A. back during March Madness when we went over to catch Arizona…anyway, he was telling me how his cleared up while he was in college – would show from time to time – but then when he was 23, almost 24, he started having problems with mild cystic acne, randomly…all over his face. Great. That’s just great to hear. I asked him what he did to get rid of it, and he said he didn’t mess around – went to a doctor and got a prescription. I’ve been good about going to a doctor, just never good at obeying her orders.

Today. Not too terribly bad. Subsiding again. What can I say? F*** my zits!

A Winner. Finally.

This week was a winner. Everything about it. I made the commitment that I wasn’t going to blog again until the Cardinals got a win. The football Cardinals. Oh how I wish I were a baseball Cardinals fan. Anyway, Monday night was briefly enjoyable for Halloween, but a few of us decided that we’d go to this place and watch Monday Night Football. It’s a local bar/restaurant.

While we were there, I noticed a less than favorable exchange between a manager and an employee and then the employee left. I waited it out for a bit, sparked up some casual conversation with the manager throughout the evening, as he began serving us and then I asked if they were hiring. He kind of cocked his head to the side, and said, “I actually just had a guy quit tonight…what kind of restaurant experience do you have?” I replied. “I like to eat them a lot.” He laughed and invited me in for an interview.

Now I’m bar-backing and bussing some tables. It’s much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I’m still clueless on a lot of things, but the job is mostly physical, and I’m very capable. So, I trained a bit on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then worked a shift yesterday, and hung out this afternoon to see the Arizona Cardinals beat the St. Louis Rams. …and Patrick Peterson was feeling it. Feeling that mojo from last night’s LSU victory. What a game that was, too. Anyway, in all of this, my face has been adequately cooperative. Not listening to everything I’ve asked of it, yet not being completely disobedient.

I’m over zits. I’m ready to transition into adulthood. It’s nice to be making a little scratch again. That’s luck, right? Preparation meeting opportunity? Don’t know how my preparation transcends beyond the social scope, but I’ll take it.

Maggie says hi. I’m out.

What are the Worst Zits?

I’ve never really done a breakdown of the worst zits imaginable. Well, not imaginable, but which zits would suck the most. Let’s break it down.

Chin Acne – Chin acne sucks. What makes it so bad? Well, if you’re a football player, you know why it sucks. It’s also an eye sore, and man, it’s out there. No real hiding a monster juicer on the chin. If you put a band-aid on it, you might get away with it for a few days, but when you take the band-aid off, it’s going to be rather obvious what was going on under there, and that makes it even nastier in some way.

Ear Acne – I’m talking zits in your ear. When a zit forms inside the ear. You ever have one of these? The ears are so highly sensitive that the growth of a zit in the ear is incredibly painful. Add to it some poppage, or attempted poppage and you might need a prescription for Vicodin.

The Tweener AKA Between the Eye Zit AKA The Third Eye – Did I tell the story how I had a beast between my eyes once upon a time and I was asked if I had been bitten by a mosquito? Yeah. That really worked to build my self-esteem. These zits don’t hurt so bad if the peak quickly, but if they’re underground, it’s Trouble with a capital t. Just like I wrote it back there, you know?

Witches Zit – We all know this one, right? The zit right on the tip of the nose? Is there anything worse to look at? Not only do you have to see it in the mirror, but you have to see it with your own eyes. Don’t even try popping one of these. Let it be. It’s just not worth it.

Got others? Comment it up.

T-Zone Acne Attack

I just read my Monday post when I came to my corner of cyberspace. What a wuss. What was I so peeved about? Fair enough, a Geography professor said something after I made a comment. It was a very passive-aggressive comment kind of knocking my belief system. I wish people had the brass to just say, “I think what you believe in is bullsh**.” I really wish people did. I’d have so much more respect for them.

It’d be easier to believe in nothing, I suppose. I wanted to say that to him, but I do think he felt bad when he let fly. He quickly moved on to another topic. He could probably tell that I was pissed.

Anyway, the really bad news. My face. What the heck? I’m gonna cut my hair a bit shorter because I feel like it is irritating my skin. It’s probably of no effect whatsoever, but what is consider my T-Zone – across my forehead, down my nose, chin, etc. Shape of a T? The T zone? You feel me? This is kind of a new development for me. What I’ve realized is that I haven’t washed my sheets yet since moving into my room. That’s kind of gross. Probably has something to do with my facial issues. I just know in times past, my zits were completely random. Now, they’re pretty consistent and patterned.

So. Tonight. Laundry time. I’m sure Maggie needs to get some stuff done, too. You really that for granted living with a mom who does it all. I’d do it occasionally, but generally only when my folks were out of town. But then, the laundry place is good for studying. An hour-plus of focused time.

I really need to figure something for my zits. I’m exhausted with them. I’ve learned whatever patience they were going to teach me. It’s time to transition. It’s time to move forward.