Getting Older…

That must be why I’m forgetting you all in my daily activity. Nah. But I can’t sleep. And I thought: I haven’t blogged in awhile. And I should have, because my zits have been as quiet as I have. Do you think me writing about my zits is one of the reasons that I have zits? Could be. We’ll see if I’ve got some new arrivals tomorrow.

So. I can’t sleep. I’ve been watching “The Man With the Golden Gun” on Netflix. I love the Bond movies. What’s not to love about each and every one of them? But that’s not the reason why I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because I’m extra introspective this evening. Or this morning, I suppose. Had a meet on Tuesday. It went well. I won the 800 again. Crazy. This Friday we’ve got a biggie. SuperDude will be there, and I’m ready to see if I can push him a bit more. I’m gonna force him to an outlandish pace (is outlandish the right word? Hang on……………………………….yeah, totally what I mean) and see what happens. I just don’t want to be predictable when I race him, ever, until I am in the shape that I want to be to attempt to take him down.

Introspection. I’m just hitting that stage of disbelief in terms of school almost being over…my girlfriend coming here for my “senior prom”…it’s all just a bit surreal. You think about this day, and you imagine what it will be like and then it’s nothing like what you imagined. It’s definitely not worse than what I imagined. I guess it’s better. It’s just strange. Just strange that it’s here, and then it’ll be gone and it’s on to the next thing.

Sorry if that sounds kind of depressing. Not so much. Like I said, it’s just introspection. This movie is hilarious. Have you seen it? The martial arts scene is like a Charlie Chaplin comedy. Wasn’t Bruce Lee still alive when this was made? They couldn’t get him involved?

Next week Maggie is flying in on Wednesday night, and it’ll be a fun few days. I have another big meet on Friday that she’ll be able to come to, and then we’ll do prom on Saturday night. We’re doing our own thing. I just wasn’t feeling the group thing for dinner, etc. I’m sure we’ll kick back with friends afterwards…one dude’s parents are hosting an alcohol free party, where they’ve said that anything goes so long as we don’t completely trash their house or do illegal drugs. Since that’s not my vibe anyway, we’ll probably check it out for awhile and then see where the night leads.

OK. I’m tired now. Night.

I Sprayed it With Some Zit-Be-Gone

I have no idea what the heading of today’s blog means.

My jaw cyst, you ask? It’s better. I can still feel it under there, but you can’t really see anything there anymore. I wasn’t a fan, and I’ll be avoiding the cystic acne variety at all costs in the future.

Speaking of future, do you believe in time travel? Like, do you think that space and time exist? Do you vibe with Einstein and his theory of relativity. You eating what I’m feeding you? Picking up what I’m laying down? Does the past and future exist, or merely the present?

It is fascinating to obsess about for short periods of time. That if you could travel “fast enough,” you’d somehow end up in the future? See, my mind just doesn’t work that way. I guess I just think if you travel incredibly fast/speed of light, you just get further from your starting point faster. What bends my mind is the state of energy of which we are made. Beyond being “carbon” life forms, we are made up of just pure energy. Imagine splitting and atom to get a quark and then continuing to split sub-atomic particles. What do you get? Eventually you just get raw energy, right? The stuff that makes up the stuff that makes up us…and our zits…

Kind of bends your mind, doesn’t it? That your energy is so potent?

You see, zitty folks like myself, we have even more energy. That’s not scientific fact, but it’s my theory. My theory of F-able Zit Energy. You might have it, too.

I’m not even in a science class this year. I took our highest level class offered at my school last year. Remember when I was doing the zitty research? Growing bacteria with the funk from my face? I’m gonna shift gears now before I melt your face and cause you to break out into an energetic zitty frenzy.

Prom later this month. The old senior prom. Maggie is coming over for it, and I haven’t seen her in feels like ages. We probably talk a little bit each day, but I’m excited for her coming this way. The prom is on Saturday, April 30, so she’s gonna come midweek and hang through the weekend. Go back on the following Tuesday. I can’t believe the old school career is coming to a close. I have definitely enjoyed it.