Cafeteria Tray Adventures

Someone I know – who shall remain nameless – works in the cafeteria here on campus, and with every cafeteria you have trays. Trays to put your plate on, drinks on, etc. But did you know that these cafeteria trays are also excellent for sledding on? As in…these suckers fly!

There is a lot of sledding around here. As you might suspect. But one of the coolest things about all aspects of sledding here is finding the latest, greatest thing you can sled on. The traditional options are great. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the saucer sled, but I most definitely love rolling on the cafeteria trays. The key is to have at least two, but optimally four trays: one under your butt, one under your feet, and one for each hand. This allows for the ability to feign some sort of slalom technique…which makes for a bunch of dudes, and snow chicks doing some absurdly stupid and goofy looking stuff on a large, snow-covered hill.

No. These trays are not stolen. Don’t you dare go there. They’re merely borrowed. We “pay” for their use, and I have never seen anything in regards to what they’re “not” to be used for…so if we’re told to stop, we’ll stop. In the meantime. It’s snowing right now, and today we’re gonna have some races.

Hey! Guess what I had for breakfast? Guess what I had for lunch? Guess what I’m going to have as dessert after a hearty, post-sledding dinner?

What can I say. Tuesdays are my Mondays.


Another Gun, Another Gold

Track meet last night. Another enjoyable race. Led from the get, and just put it on cruise. Not a mentionable time. It just didn’t take much to win it. I’ve been doing my time. Pushing hard in my own road work. Have been running in the morning, and then working with the sprinters a lot in the afternoon at track practice. I know people consider this a middle distance race, but the goal is to be able to pretty much run it in a top gear for two straight laps.

If you’re a fan of sports you might hear trainers, coaches and athletes talking about speed work as gears. Having that 4th, 5th and 6th gear? So, my training is basically working my body to be able to run in gears 4 and 5 for two laps, and then hit whatever is left of gear 6 to win every race. But to hit gear 6, you need to have a gear 6, so that’s why it is necessary to train with sprinters.

I miss Mags. How can I not? Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. And I’m not trying to mislead anyone in thinking that we don’t argue or have tiffs and all that stuff – we’re two opinionated, feisty people. I still don’t know what I’m going to do for the summer. Maggie still hasn’t made a decision on school for next fall. We’d like to spend some time together this summer, but I also kind of wanted to maybe try to get over to Colorado a bit early. My parents have talked about getting me a place to live for the summer – and then I could look into some local employment.

Shit, people. Excuse me. Sorry. I’m just realizing all the decisions I need to make in the next 6 weeks. Holy crap. I’m overwhelmed. Thank God for track right now. How impressive is that? I’m thanking God and dropping the $ bomb in the same paragraph. I think that makes me a stereotypical teen. Or…a human being. Yep. Here come the zits.

Hump Day

I really hate that phrase. Hump day. It’s completely misleading. You would possibly think it was overtly sexual, but nope, just a device created by some dude somewhere who hated his job, and had to refer to midweek as getting over the hump. I don’t dread Mondays. Sure, I look forward to that inevitable energy of the slide toward the weekend that seems to happen on Thursday, but referring to Wednesday as hump day? It’s too camel-y for me.

My feet have been cold lately. Is that metaphorical or literal? Both. Definitely both. A little nervous as to what’s around the corner. I haven’t committed to anything, and I’m a commitment type. I like to make a choice and go at it…but then, it has been freezing lately, and for some reason, when I have my shoes on, my feet get really cold. Maybe I need to have a talk with my parents about the insulation in our household. I don’t really have the problem at school. I find myself wishing we had carpet in our place instead of that wood laminate stuff. My floor is rug-covered. Shaggy. IKEA style.

It has been rather uneventful at school lately. I’m pretty much done with everything I need to do to graduate. I just need to punch the clock, log my hours, etc. My classes aren’t easy, per se, but they’re enjoyable, so it’s not a pain to do the work. Everyone says that’s the key to success in college.

In my film class, we’ve been discussing screenplays, and we’re going to watch some of the nominees for best screenplays from the past. Nominees from the Oscars, I should say. I’d prefer the Independent Spirit films, but they’re generally all rated-R, and every time we want to view a rated R movie in class, it’s a fiasco. Parental permission, etc. Most everyone is of age, but parents still have to be contacted. I’m sure you can understand why.

That’s all I got. And some soreness developing from some under grounders. I just don’t stand a chance. And I think I’m growing. Sleeping like crap lately.

Sledding 2.0

Oh my gosh. Fair enough, they’re “you’re had to be there” moments… but man, are they awesome!

My cousin basically built a poor man’s version of a bobsled track. When all that snow nailed the northern states last week, and the week before, he went out and started molding track banks with curves and all kinds of stuff close to his place. He then took squirt bottles filled with hot water and started spraying down the surface, creating a flash melt, and then a freeze that made an ice surface.

The only catch to sliding this track is that you need some protective equipment. When you get bumped otherwise, it hurts. So, multiple layers of clothing, plus thick gloves and some knee pads did the trick.

We were trying to break speed records. One of our cousins plays baseball and has a radar gun. Our goal is to hit 40 mph before the end of the break. We haven’t broken 30 yet, and I gotta say, on a sled, it’s terrifying. I was mostly shocked that the girls were so into it. When we’d come up short of a top speed, they’d boo us, and then cheer loudly when we’d break our personal record. Then they’d hop in the sled and go putting down the track, all cute and stuff…

I don’t think I’ll ever get too old to enjoy this. My dad is actually gearing up to join us, since there was a little precip. that came through yesterday. He was hilarious when we went to the local sporting goods joint looking for knee pads. “I can’t hurt my knees, boy. What are the best ones?”

Once the sun has dropped, that’s when we hit it. It’s just more enjoyable. There’s nobody out, and you own the night. Yeah, that was dorky. Peace. I’m off!

Merry Christmas, btw. Happy Holidays to anyone that offends, but if it offends you, seriously, get over yourself.


Have you ever been to DFW? This place is hopping with some interesting cats. I have to assume a lot of these people are changing planes, but I think that a lot of them have to be locals, considering “the look.” There’s like a certain “look” here of the people who have money. I’m actually more interested in watching my mom watch them, because she’s kind of a different breed. Haha. She just looked at me with eyes wide open and signaled a gal with boots and a skirt on that has no business wearing what she’s wearing.

The flight from Phoenix was quick and easy. The next leg will be nice, hopefully. It’s beautiful in Madison today – according to Maggie, “beautiful and cold.” I think they’re supposed to maybe get some snow tomorrow, but then it’s looking clear.

I’m going to admit to something now, that I’ve never admitted before. When it’s cold out, I like to use the hand dryers as a shirt warmer. If there is a bathroom with a lockable door, I’ll lock it, take my shirt off, hold it under the dryer for like 2 minutes, then put it back on… all nice and toasty… so nice and toasty. Why do I bring this up? Because I’m freezing right now, and I’m really considering doing it for the first time in a openly public restroom. Think anyone would think I’m weird? I’m gonna do it. I’ll be right back.


One older guy looked at me and said, “That’s a really good idea.” My only reply, “Oh yeah, man!” Of course, I have an undershirt on, but I put my coat in my suitcase, which is checked. I didn’t plan to deal with it until we got to the real cold.

Break is HERE!!! Well, Figuratively…

Have you ever seen the movie Clockwatchers? It was a selection for Sundance back in the late 90s. I really like it, had seen it before, and our film class teach thought it would be funny to put on today. Do you get the irony? Because we’re all watching the clock? Well, the movie has Toni Collette, Parker Posey, Lisa Kudrow and some other gal, and it’s basically about working as a temp. If you don’t know what a temp is, it’s like a substitute employee in the professional world.

Anyway, it is kind of funny, because we’re all watching the clock. This is one of those days in which nothing is accomplished, and everyone is just ready to kick back, catch a flight, hit the road, hop the rails or stand and stare at the absurdity of public places like the mall…or Wal-Mart. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That’s one place I reserve for very late at night.

So. Our plans. I haven’t shared them, have I?

I’ll be going home this afternoon. I will take a shower, which I didn’t have time for this morning. I will wash my face and then look in the mirror when I’ll say to myself, “Someday, brother. Someday you’ll have clear skin, and you’ll be loved for it.” I will smile, then furrow my brow and walk away. I will enjoy Saturday. I will pack Saturday night. We will fly out on Sunday! Sunday night I’ll be cuddled up in the warm embrace of kith and kin, enjoying another Gristhwold Family Christhmath. It’ll be stellar.

Once I’m there, it’ll be wherever the wind and sledding opportunities lead me. And oh, from what I’ve heard, there are some epic sledding opportunities around every corner. My cousin says he has a “surprise.” I’m sure it’s an injury waiting to happen.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

I’m gonna take some time off. I’ve never done it before. I know it seems people just veg-out and do nothing when they’re teenagers, but really, I’m always on the move. If I’m not doing something, I find or create something to do, but over the next couple of days I’m going to do nothing, quite literally. Maybe listen to some music, and watch a few movies, but I really plan to enjoy today and tomorrow and just unplug – completely. NO computer, no blogging, no texting, no cellphone (other than a call to Maggie), no car, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. I kid. But I’m gonna unplug.

On Friday, heck yeah I’m gonna roll around in the Black Friday madness… I’m gonna go to stores and act like I’m buying a lot of stuff just to add to the synergy of economic repair. Now, of course I won’t buy anything. I generally wait to purchase stuff, do a lot of online shopping and online auction purchases…BUT seriously, if you’ve never done it, go to a store and act all excited about being there and shopping, and people around you will catch your wave. We’re all made up of the same stuff. Consumerism. Again. I kid.

So. Enjoy the turkey, turducken or whatever crap you like to feast on for Thanksgiving, enjoy family, enjoy football, enjoy the parade, enjoy the nap, enjoy the pumpkin pie and whatever you do, enjoy my zits. Never forget where these morsels of awesome come from…that’s right, folks. Acne. Love to you all!