Sweetness Follows

What a great birthday weekend. As I stated, a birthday swing by with loads of football…and what football it was. This is why fantasy nerds are becoming true fans, and why this true fan refuses to play fantasy. As I picked ’em. I just couldn’t cheer for the 49ers. And I know everyone is thinking that they will walk away in the west again next year, but I’m sticking by my Cardinals. I actually perceive the Rams to be as much of a threat next season with Jeff Fisher taking the position in St. Louis.

So. A rematch of a classic from a few years back. I’m good with it.

I have to speak about my face. I’m impressed. I don’t want to say much. I will say that it is improving. It’s not just the fact that there are fewer zits, but fewer are developing. Where I don’t really have issues, my skin just looks healthier. Call me stubborn…because I’m stubborn. And now I’ll stubbornly continue what I’ve been doing for just over a week…

School. Fine. Kinda rolling through the motions, learning, studying, turning in assignments, reading, playing, sleeping. I will say this, because I don’t know if I’ve remarked on this freakin’ amazing fact of college life: You can eat cereal all the time. For every meal. Cereal for breakfast…with lunch…with dinner…it just seems like it’s the biggest tease of university life. College is supposed to prepare you for real life…can’t have no cereal for three meals in real life! Or can you?

I’ve actually cut a lot of lactose out of my diet. Reading up on that. Just doesn’t vibe with optimal health. But I love cheese. So the cheese has to stay. What can I say? I have Wisconsin roots, and a Wisconsin gal.


Gonna Try Making my Activity Pro as Opposed to Con

The box is here! I’m throwing down this post and headed straight for the shower. Yeah. Kind of gross. I didn’t shower before class today after working late last night. A little gamey, but nothing a little Old Spice Red Zone can’t handle. Got back to my room, and the front desk girl, who apparently knows me by name, or figured it out when she saw the box and saw my face, alerted me to its delivered presence.

I got some bonus stuff in there. A refining mask that is straight up sulfur based. I had to see what that was all about. Who knew. Did you know that sulfur is a really potent acne treatment? It’s too potent to use all the time, but wow. I’m an idiot. You’d think I’d know everything about acne. Feeling a little sheepish.

I guess this is the first time I’ve ever felt that something I’m going to do for my skin might actually work? Remember all the stupid stuff I’ve tried since I’ve been keeping this record of life and the zits within it? Ice massages? They were probably the most enjoyable for the skin, and I think it looked “alive,” but it didn’t do squat for my zits. Squat. And this? It can’t hurt me, and it’s not oral medication, which I really didn’t want to take…and didn’t take. Think I’ll keep you posted on this one? And it’s Friday the 13th!? What better day to start a new skin care program? Talk about lucky! Be back in a few.

Zits. Dang.

You can probably figure the heavy days of my work schedule. I hit it hard on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Gettin’ stuff prepped for the bigger sales days of Thursday – Sunday.

I’m sure it’s difficult to wait for my posts when the world ceases to revolve (yeah, it still rotates) without them, but that’s my life. That’s…my life. I couldn’t sleep last night for crap, because of a zit in my ear. I’ve had these before. Don’t really know how to fight them off, other than clean my ears, which I do. These have to be due to some kind of funk in the body. I’m just certain of it. I literally couldn’t lie on my left side, and that’s the side that I prefer to sleep on!? I was lying on my side with my head turned toward the ceiling and I woke up feeling about 73. Dang it all to heck.

So, I took a shower, then got a Q-Tip and went Rambo on that summabish…Actually, when I did my regular Q-Tip activity to get the water out of my ears, it was a big ole mess. Yes. Don’t forget. This is why you come to this blog. So. At least I can hear out of my ear, but that sucker still hurts like the dickens.

Maggie is coming next week. Gonna stay through June and then we’re going back to Madison…I know I’ve mentioned that, but it’s worth repeating. The best part about the whole thing is that I’ll be back here for the MLB All-Star Game. Forget tickets, that ain’t happening, but my cousins from L.A. were telling me that the FanFest is pretty awesome. So, I’m really excited to go with my Dad and brother. Should be a good time.

In the meantime, I’m gonna go put some Apple Cider vinegar (why did I capitalize Apple Cider?) on a Q-Tip and stick it in my ear. I dare bacteria to challenge that all natural ass-kicker.

The Sun Will Screw Your Skin

How crazy has the NFL season been?

How crazy? I can’t believe that my Cardinals were in the Super Bowl two seasons ago, and now they’re back to the drawing board. We’re gonna lose Fitzgerald in the off-season, I’m confident. Rumor has it, Kansas City, but I could see him in a multitude of places. Whatever happened to players sticking with a team. My dad was telling me that when John Elway was with the Broncos, they were embarrassed in a couple Super Bowls before they put it all together toward the end of his career, and they won back to back championships.

Anyway, I’m really excited for this weekend’s match-ups and to see who is going to push to the Super Bowl. Who do you like…readers who never comment?

Yeah, I know. You just come here to see what I’m complaining about in the realm of my zits. You’ll be happy to know that I’m fighting like a champ. I’ll never quit. Never. Ever. It is interesting to really see that my skin is changing. Thickening…getting stubbly and hairy.

Fortunately, unlike a lot of kids at my school, I’ve taken good care of my skin in relation to the sun. Too many people enjoy too much sun exposure. My economics teacher isn’t even 30 years old, and she’s an AZ native, and she has had too much sun. She complains about it all the time. Seriously. She literally has a Coppertone Sport poster in her room. If you come in with a sunburn (which I looked like I had after my snowboarding adventures), she makes you come up and sign it/autograph it. I talked my way out of it, as mine was clearly windburn.

Anyway, I can handle the zits, when compared to the damage the sun does to your skin. If you don’t realize it, or don’t think that your skin is damaged because you can’t see it, just ask your doctor or dermatologist what they think!

Family is a Great Thing

I didn’t really mention a whole lot about my family while enjoying Christmas vacation. I don’t know if I’m bragging on them, or just commenting on their coolness factor. I love being in high school, and not really having a curfew. When I was in Madison for break, my aunt, who you may remember discovered this blog last year during the holiday season…? Anyway, she let me know that she has followed it religiously for the past year, and she said that this blog makes her “swell with pride.”

After laughing, I asked her why. I guess she sees me as exemplary. I don’t. Just normal. But then I started thinking about it, and I can understand that it is a little different for me to be in high school and not really have a whole lot of interest in the things of so many of my peers. I don’t drink. Don’t smoke. I party harder than those people, but keep it legal…generally speaking. No damage that can’t be undone. Anyway, I think it’s because my family is so cool. My parents have always trusted me, and have kept those lines of communication open since I was a pre-teen. Letting me know that if I made the right decisions that I would enjoy more freedom than any other teenager I knew. At first it kind of went in one ear and out the other, but wow, I now realize how good I have it.

That being said, let’s drastically shift the focus of my written assault on your eyes to zits. It’s been awhile since I’ve complained of a biggie. ‘Member that one behind my ear that I was talking about the other day? I popped that sucker today in a class, and it was awful. I never knew so much blood flowed to that region of the body. Sorry. That’s gross, I know…but I couldn’t get that thing to stop bleeding. Before lunch, I went to my old science teacher, and asked him which foods are best for coagulation… “Vitamin K foods, ” he said… “What’s the problem?” he asked. “I’ve got a bleeder,” my reply. He suggested a spinach salad, and suggested more of that food type in my diet on a permanent basis.

See there. I bet you just learned something!


All of the Sudden I’m a Hobo?

I love my Grandmother. I was just enjoying myself this morning doing nothing, and she asked if I wanted to go with her to the mall and look around for something. Now, I know this is code for, “What do you want for Christmas?” while still trying to make the gift something of a surprise.

I told her I would rather just chill out and watch some ESPN, and she got all huffy with me. “Come on. We’re going to the mall. I won’t take no for an answer, so quite lyin’ around like a hobo, get some clothes on and show me some of those football moves that I missed this year.”

After laughing at her, and having her throw a pillow at me, I hopped in the shower, went to the mall with grams and then we stopped by to see Maggie at work. If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that I’ll see that girl for every second I can while I’m here. I don’t care if she gets sick of me. I gotta take home some reserves, you know?

I got home, and after realizing that my face was not only spotted and speckled with its usual intruders, I noticed that it’s also getting chapped already. Then I got curious about the word hobo, so I looked it up.

It implies a “tramp” or “vagrant.” So, I confronted my Grandmother about this, and let her know that a person watching ESPN doesn’t qualify as a hobo. She asked me, “Do you live here?” I knew where she was going with it, so I just let it at that.

The Legend Continues

I was walking down the hall this afternoon, and my English teacher from last year called out to me. Haha. That sounded weird, huh? Called out to me? She yelled my name. I swung by her door, and she let me know that she still follows my blog. I’m flattered. It would be awesome to share it with more people, but in the past year, I’ve gone from a known entity to a well known entity, especially with underclassmen, whom I’m very, very nice to, and because of our football season… maybe when I’m out of here she can pass it along to some students.

I would like to think that I’m a helpful voice, crying out for those who suffer from acne vulgaris. Seriously, that’s what it’s called. Look it up. I’m just happy that my issue is something that I can get pissy about, but I don’t really suffer from. I don’t have terrible cysts on a regular basis or anything, and I have all the use of my body, so there’s really nothing to complain about…except when Derek Anderson comes to town!

Speaking of Anderson, what did you think of Jay Feely on Sunday? What was he thinking? He single handedly outscored the Denver Broncos!? I think that it’s hilarious that at 4-9, and a good chance to go 5-9 after this weekend, we’re still not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I already pity some team who is going to finish with 9 wins and not make the playoffs because of the way the NFL Divisions work… oh well.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday. I’ve got one more test to take – about movies. I’m more than ready for it. We’re often offered the opportunity to write a few short essays, or answering a specific set of questions on these tests. But the essay has to kick butt. I have always opted to go this route. It’s better practice for writing, and then I don’t have to agonize about “Did I answer that one multiple choice question right?” He tests like this stating that we all learn differently, and that he’s only concerned about mastery of the elective material. How can you complain?