As I Reflect on Years 15-18

Taking a class on script analysis. Really interesting. I find it particularly applicable to the many aspects of my present life chapter. I have a birthday this weekend. I will gracefully exiting the “important” teenage years, and I’ve been thinking back to the journey it has been. You can go back to 13, but you’re really such a kid at 13 that it really represents a number with little more significance than saying you’re 13.

I believe the adventure lies between 14-18. It just seems that 19 will be somewhat insignificant. It seems to be the forgotten year within the teenage realm. Correct me if I’m wrong. Do people really talk about when they were 19? I just think this will be the gap between 18-20. Which is appropriate considering all of the planning to take place.

Back to the first paragraph. This analysis. It has been quite an incredible journey. I think there are a lot of things that many would have said no to that I said yes to and I’m very blessed because of it. Not lucky. It’s not like it was without influence and calculated decisions, but ultimately, I chose to say yes to opportunity. And the through-line of this teenage journey has been the same thing that has served as the through-line for this blog…the zits.

I really hope this constant within all the variables is about to change. I would love nothing more than to truly F my Zits into oblivion. The occasional? I’m OK with. The consistency? I’d rather be known as consistent in other areas of life. My current endeavor, and the treatment that I am seeking…well…let’s just say I’m not going to ruin what seems like the beginning of a good thing by jinxing it. Weirdo, party of one. I don’t believe in luck, but I am superstitious. Makes sense, right?