Sweet Victory

It has been a week. I’ve got a couple new zits from yesterday, but I’ve also got a couple gold medals to add to the silver from last week. I won’t speak of the Triple Jump. I love it, and I finished in the Top 6, but there is too much technique for me to tackle in a short amount of time. No, I’m not going to disclose how far I jumped, but I will say that a sophomore on our team actually won the event.

The 800. I ran out front, because I didn’t like the slow pace early. The sub 2:00 stud from the first meet wasn’t there, so I knew I could easily be a favorite. The other two guys who placed ahead of me in the last meet were there, and I felt it was time for me to send a message. I felt them start to push at me as we moved into the second lap, but I just increased my stride length while hitting the same turnover, and separated from the pack for the last 300 meters. It felt awesome coming down the home stretch to hear people cheering and hitting that line first…don’t know that I’ve ever experienced anything quite like it. I turned to see that I won by a decent margin and just took it in. I was breathing hard, but grinning from ear to ear. Ran a 2:04.

I’m confident I can go faster within the next 6 weeks. Just gonna train harder and do more endurance and road work on my own over the weekends and in the morning. Gonna start going twice a day. We’ve got this older fella who comes to work with us at school. I guess he used to coach track at a college, and he’s praising everything I’m doing. Telling me that I need to work on my sprint speed to get out early and feel like I’ve got plenty left at the end. He’s always saying, “Every race will come down to the best sprinter.”

Tomorrow I’m going to get my tux ordered for prom. I’m planning to go classic, or maybe a bit old school. I’ll see what Maggie is thinking in terms of her dress. Whatever she’s thinking, I can’t wait to see her in it.

A good week. Can’t believe I have a month of school left. That’s it. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. That’s Crazy to the 5th power…